How to grow up a trout

How to grow up a trout

Trout – remarkable fish, a refined delicacy. And its cultivation – very favorable business because at the correct contents the fish very quickly grows and yields quite good revenue. Breed a trout as under natural conditions, and in artificial reservoirs.


1. For a start it is necessary to get trout young growth in one of the existing farms or in the Federal selection center in the settlement of Ropsha. It is possible, of course, to try to impregnate independently caviar in an incubator, to grow up whitebaits in nursery, and then to let out them in cages, but it is very troublesome. Purchase of a young trout will be suitable for the beginning farmers better. And to create for its growth optimal conditions – not such difficult task.

2. VodaForeli needs to provide temperature, comfortable for existence. This fish loves cold water – 15-18 °C. Already at 21 °C of a trout it becomes uncomfortable, and at 25-26 °C it perishes. The trout loves the reservoirs oxygenated. When it becomes too little (4-5 mg/l), she suffers and badly grows. Maximum permissible content in water of carbon dioxide for cultivation of this fish - 40-60 mg/l. Also there should not be too much ammonia – at its existence of 0.3-0.4 mg/l and the water temperature of 14 °C, and content of oxygen of 9-10 mg/l the trout perishes. The trout well feels in water of average rigidity, clean and transparent, but slightly shaded. The ideal environment – neutral or alkalescent, with level rn 7-8.

3. The place obitaniyadlya cultivation of a trout ponds, cages or pools approach. Ponds build on the dense soil that they were not stagnant, and water pro-accuracy was provided. It is for this purpose good to use a rectangular shape and depth not less than 1 m. It is necessary to provide change of water in a pond or the pool and also a cage at least 2-3 times an hour, and it is better – in 10-15 minutes. Under such circumstances density of landing of fish can reach 600 — 750 pieces/m3.

4. It is necessary to KormlenieKormit a trout 2-3 times a day. The nutrition has to be good, special forages of artificial and natural origin, both vegetable, and an animal are for this purpose used. A source of protein is fish and meat and bone meal, powdered skim milk, fodder yeast (they also provide a trout with vitamins). A necessary battery are also fats, from them fish receives the energy necessary for growth, and here carbohydrates in a diet has to be a little - at a trout in intestines not enough enzyme for their splitting.

5. RazmnozhenieRazvodit a trout by artificial spawning. For this purpose caviar and sperm are taken from producers, straining off on special technology. Caviar from several females is placed in a basin, and then mixed with milts from several males. The impregnated berries send to an incubator.

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