How to grow up a Yorkshire terrier

How to grow up a Yorkshire terrier

Buying a dog, you have to understand all responsibility which size does not depend on what size there will be your favourite. Malyshei-yorkov is also required to bring up and train, as well as the "real" big dogs. At good leaving and the correct education these dogs can live up to 16 years.


1. Before the kid appears in your house, remove all objects, dangerous to it: foam rubber, electric wires, drugs. Equip to it the warm place that it was not through passage and was not on a draft.

2. Handle with a little puppy very with care. If you lift him on hands, you hold strong that the brisk puppy did not slip out hands. From the first days look after that it did not remain one on a chair or a sofa, such height is very dangerous to it.

3. Walks across open territories where there is a danger to get under legs or wheels of cars, have to be obligatory with a lead roulette.

4. Buying toys for it, make sure that they are not made of plastic, they have to be latex. Check that it could not gnaw through or break off them that the kid did not choke. Also do not fill up it with toys, give on one better, and old remove then to please the pet with them as new.

5. Strictly you watch its food and do not allow, even as delicacy, there are those products which categorically it is impossible for it: spicy, salty, washed-up, sweet farinaceous food. A citrus it is impossible categorically. If you feed a doggie with a dry feed, then do not change the producer sharply. Gradually, within a week replace one sterns with another. Do not use at the same time dry and natural feed. Previously presoak a dry feed of minutes for 40 water and before feeding warm up in the microwave.

6. Every morning you carry out hygienic procedures: special solution or warm boiled water wipe wool at eyes, its otchesyvayta towards a nose with a hairbrush with small cloves. Brush with a special brush wool on a body on some minutes. To puppies cut claws every two weeks, to dogs is more senior – time in 3-4 weeks. And under a tail shear wool on ears, paws monthly.

7. For washing use special "dog" shampoos and balms, it is possible also "human", but from good producers. Wool – one of the main jewelry of Yorkshire terriers. You dry it the hair dryer and you watch that there were no drafts, and the dog did not catch a cold.

8. And surely bring up the kid and train in the most necessary teams which will help to prevent the dangers trapping dogs of the small sizes literally continually. Protect the dog, and she will live with you rich and full-fledged life to the old age.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team