How to grow up baby birds

How to grow up baby birds

If you the beginning seller or the breeder of birds, then, perhaps, the most difficult for you becomes process of cultivation of baby birds in artificial conditions. Not less difficulties wait also for the ordinary people who picked up from compassion in the forest of a helpless baby bird. Therefore stock up with patience: ahead you have not one sleepless night.


1. Equip the warm dry place or even the room, depending on what quantity of baby birds you are going to grow up. To one baby bird quite there will be enough hot-water bottle and a soft laying not to freeze.

2. Pay attention to that indoors there was normal level of humidity, good ventilation. Air temperature has to be not below 36-38 °C. In process of growing of baby birds temperature can be lowered gradually.

3. That your baby birds did not get sick, surely process stock and the room by means of the blowtorch. If you are an owner of a poultry farm, then surely fence with a grid chain-link near the hen house small pasture for young growth.

4. You feed baby birds by means of tweezers, the pipette or the syringe with the thin tubule got on it instead of a needle (depending on the size of a baby bird). In the first week of life of baby birds usually feed with mix from an egg yolk and warm boiled water. Then you can gradually pass to compound feed which first too should be entered into a beak of a baby bird by means of specially prepared stock. After 2 weeks of a baby bird it is already possible to transfer to well crushed compound feed completely.

5. If you specialize in cultivation of songbirds, prepare for what the baby bird will constantly ask to eat, and it is necessary to feed him every 15-20 minutes until he does not cease to elicit food. In advance think of that the baby bird received that food with which his parents would feed (insects and their larvae). Gradually add eggs, small polished carrots or cottage cheese to their diet.

6. If the baby bird is afraid to eat from tweezers or from a tubule, then for the first time slightly open a beak and track that it zaglotat a portion of a forage. Subsequently the baby bird already itself will elicit food at the sight of a familiar bagatelle in hands at the owner.

7. Do all necessary vaccination to baby birds. Surely give them together with a forage vitamin and mineral additives for their optimum growth and development.

8. Daily clean the room and change a laying for baby birds.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team