How to grow up chickens in an incubator

How to grow up chickens in an incubator

To grow up healthy baby birds, first of all it is necessary to worry about the choice of an incubator. You can get inexpensive analog or digital which will help to get rid of a set of efforts. It is also possible to make it with own hands. But, any the decision subsequently not to be disappointed, it is necessary to follow several simple rules.


1. Prepare eggs for an incubation. They have to be the identical size, averages — ideal option. Weak baby birds can be brought from small. Too large are unsuitable as they often are two-yolk.

2. Illuminate each egg a usual lamp. In them there should be no dark stains. If noticed a spot, do not use a germ at all - it is marriage. Pay attention to integrity of a shell. Eggs with defects, cracks, strong roughnesses are no good.

3. Do not use dirty eggs and do not wash them just before an incubation at all.

4. Carry out disinfection of eggs. For this purpose perfectly the quartz lamp will approach. Suspend it over a table, approximately at the height of forty centimeters. Irradiate them one and a half minutes from each party. Remember that light from a quartz lamp is dangerous at a direct view of it therefore pay attention to protection of eyes. But do not process some egg liquid means for disinfection. It can do much harm considerably to future brood.

5. Turn eggs by 90 degrees several times in day. Not to get off, draw with a pencil crosses on one party and zeroes on another. Make one more radiation before a conclusion. It is possible to make it directly in an incubator.

6. Do not allow overheating and big humidity. Because of it germs can die. Optimum temperature in an incubator should not exceed 38 degrees of heat and to be not lower than 35 wasps. Provide normal ventilation. If everything is made correctly, then approximately in 3 weeks you will have a healthy brood.

7. Give to newborns of fine-crushed millet and water right after took out them from an incubator. Color of grain has to be bright yellow. It means that in it there is a lot of vitamin A that is very important in the first days. Also from the first days it is possible to give chopped greens and carrots or special forages.

8. Irradiate the place in which there were chickens during an incubation. It will help to destroy bacteria.

9. Consider that cockerels hatch after chickens therefore females can only be the first and second brood.

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