How to grow up gooses in an incubator

How to grow up gooses in an incubator

When gooses are left without hen or initially brought them in an incubator, it is necessary to provide suitable conditions for their development. Otherwise baby birds can die or will grow weak, with obvious physical defects.

Gooses hatch from eggs for 29-31 days after the beginning of a conclusion, and by this time you have to prepare completely for them the room. From the moment of the first sample of the hatched baby birds temperature in an incubator should be increased approximately to 37.2 degrees Celsius.

The simplest incubators can represent the cells located approximately in a half a meter over a floor equipped with lamps and the thermometer. In each cell it is necessary to lay pure dry straw or sawdust. It is regularly very important to remove laying from cells and to add new as if in an incubator it is too damp or it is dirty, most likely, gooses will grow with such defect as an eversion of wings. When all gooses hatch, lower temperature in an incubator to 30 degrees. It is desirable to check the mass of each baby bird: it has to average about 100-150 g. Too little, weak gooses require a special care, and it is desirable to support them separately and to lure in addition. Maintain temperature condition. In five days after the termination of a conclusion of baby birds lower temperature to 26-28 degrees, through ten – till 24-25, through sixteen – till 20-22, and since twenty the day before yesterday – up to 18 degrees. Within the first week of life of baby birds of a lamp in an incubator have to work round the clock. Then from the first to the second week duration of lighting needs to be reduced gradually, leading up it till 12 o'clock in day. From the moment of appearance of baby birds on light it is necessary to use automatic vacuum drinking bowls in each incubatory cell. Since 11 in the afternoon life of gooses can replace them usual. Also it is necessary to put convenient feeding troughs which height does not exceed 4 cm. Only a month later after a conclusion of gooses it is possible to begin to feed and give to drink from standard vessels, as well as adult birds. Pay special attention to quantity of gooses in incubatory cells. From the moment of the birth to monthly age no more than 8 baby birds, from 1 month to 2 – no more than four have to fall on 1 sq.m. In the presence of a small reservoir for the 10th day of life it is possible to bring baby birds to boat trips that they learned to swim well.

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