How to hold pigs

How to hold pigs

Any farmer who is engaged in cultivation of pigs receives an issue from a uterus sooner or later. That all pigs survived and grew healthy and strong, they should be supported correctly. Care for kids – business responsible.


1. The first two weeks after the birth provide easy access to maternal milk for suckers (so call little pigs). Happens that some uterus many cubs give birth, and pigs lack nipples. In this case enclose "excess" suckers to those pigs who have less pigs.

2. To grow up a healthy issue, kids need to be lured. For 3-5 day of life give them istolchenny swept, the coal, red clay moistened with solution of iron vitriol (2-3 g of vitriol on 1 l of hot water). It is possible to wet solution of vitriol cotton wool and from it to give to drink to pigs. Later, when they will get stronger, it is better to add it to fresh water which has to be in a drinking bowl constantly.

3. For 5-6 day after the birth begin to lure suckers oats, corn, wheat – on 20-30 g a day. Also surely add cow's milk to a diet. Begin with 50 g a day and gradually increase a portion to 1 l by that moment as you will take away pigs from a uterus.

4. For the 10th day of life begin to feed the pets with kissels and porridges from barley, oats, cornmeal. Add to the menu cake with clover flour, dried yeast, grated carrot, beet and potatoes, mineral forages.

5. Indoors, where pigs contain, it has to be clean and dry. Surely let out animals to take a walk, at first (from 5 in the afternoon lives) for 5-10 minutes, then for longer time, up to 4 hours by day of depriving from mother. In the winter suckers can walk at air temperature not below minus 15 degrees of Page.

6. From mother of pigs take away in 2 months. But that at them the stress did not develop, the first 2 weeks you keep them in the same room where they were born and lived with a uterus. Then it is possible to transfer to other open-air cage. You feed 4-5 times a day. When grow up about half a year – 3-4 times a day, absolutely adult – 3 times. Surely you give to drink after feeding, provide with the green grass scalded by boiled water and mixed with other sterns. Bathe pigs in the summer, you clean every day in the winter.

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