How to improve a condition of hair of dog

How to improve a condition of hair of dog

The healthy dog has beautiful dense smooth and brilliant wool. But owners quite often complain that the color of the pet lost gloss, in some places the baldness is observed, and hairs became dim. The reasons of deterioration in a condition of wool can be different: improper feeding, bad leaving, adverse ecological situation and others. The appearance of such breeds as a poodle, a schnauzer, a skyteryer or a chow-chow, at the same time especially does not become esthetic therefore it is necessary to take measures in due time.

It is required to you

  • - dogs shampoos;
  • - hairbrushes crests with stupid teeth;
  • - shchetinny brushes;
  • - slicker brushes;
  • - vitamin complexes;
  • - balanced dog food.


1. Define the reason of bad condition of hair of dog. The most widespread are: frequent washing by the chlorinated water with use of reactive shampoos, the wrong combing, rare walks, unbalanced food, keeping of a dog in the conditions of the increased temperature, infectious diseases.

2. Provide the correct care for pet hair. Wash it only if necessary, use for this purpose good dogs shampoos and special means for certain breeds. Never use the people shampoos as their acidity does not suit skin of a dog.

3. Comb wire-haired dogs a bristle a brush every day. For long-haired pets it is necessary to use the special hairbrushes having an appearance of crests with rare and stupid teeth. Process soft wool a slicker brush of times in two months, at a molt – a thicket. Little dogs have gentle wool which it is necessary not only to comb often, but also to protect from bad weather waterproof overalls. Regularly cut a dog or do trimming. Look after a beard and the pet's mustache – after breed do not demand such thorough leaving, but rigid needs to brush their wool regularly.

4. Change food of a dog. If wool became dim, and skin fat, add vitamin A to a diet. If pigmentation was broken, it speaks about a lack of copper or fat. Reddening and peeling of skin, a hair loss testify to the shortage of B2 and B3 vitamins. Bad growth of wool can be caused by insufficient amount of protein. Search of vitamins too wool can becomes worse to be calcium, harmful to the pet, for example, at glut.

5. Enter into a diet of a dog nonsaturated fatty acids in the form of various oils. For example, give to an animal two spoons of olive or linseed oil. To fill a lack of vitamins, you feed the pet with a fresh liver and kidneys, eggs, give it the vitaminized cod-liver oil. Add vitamin medicines to food: mikrovit, trivitamin, Retinolum. Do not make the menu of a dog of the remains from your table. Feeding by special sterns of a premium class will be the best decision - they contain all necessary substances and vitamins for dogs.

6. Take away an animal to the veterinarian to check presence of infectious diseases. Such diseases can become the reason of deterioration in a condition of wool. Make tests of urine and blood of a dog, check existence of fleas or worms. Regularly take preventive measures against parasites, using special funds from spring till fall.

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