How to install the internal filter in an aquarium

How to install the internal filter in an aquarium

For the person one of the most pacifying shows is observation of how fishes swim. It calms nerves and relaxes a body, and, above all it is pleasant for eyes. But it is necessary not only to watch them, but also to look after. In particular, to care for purity of water.


1. Find the filter suitable your aquarium, a certain firm of the producer. Thanks to a right choice, you will get rid of further problems with filters.

2. Consult to experts or sellers, they will help you to choose the correct filters, will tell you about how that's right! to look after behind an aquarium and its inhabitants as to clean it how to watch extent of its pollution.

3. Buy the internal filter, suitable for your aquarium. Unpack, read the instruction and try to establish according to the instruction it in an aquarium. It has to be filled with water. Pull out all small fishes from an aquarium in order that they did not disturb at installation of the filter.

4. Ship the internal filter in water, completely, so that from above closed it water on depth around ten – fifteen millimeters.

5. Attach the internal filter to aquarium walls. On them usually there are velcros thanks to which they fasten to aquarium walls. It will help to record it at the certain level and not to move neither in one party, nor in another.

6. Install the filter so that the tube to which the hose is attached came to light. It will promote cleaning and will give to your small fishes the clean environment in which they will live. Through this tube there is fulfilled water which enters through the sponge which is on the end of a tube of the filter.

7. Turn on the filter in the socket in order that it began to work. Do not forget about safety measures, including it, checking how it works.

8. Check whether the internal filter works at your aquarium. For this purpose it is necessary to bring a hand to the top exhaust outlet if you feel a water jet, the filter means functions as it is necessary. Look at several minutes whether correctly it works.

9. Place small fishes in an aquarium and look whether it is cozy them with the filter. If everything is all right, and it works as it is necessary, can continue to enjoy the pets. The main thing do not forget to feed them and to watch purity in an aquarium. The clean environment will help them to prolong as much as possible life and, thereby, to please you longer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team