How to keep fishes in an aquarium

How to keep fishes in an aquarium

The house aquarium is a small water world which beauty and wellbeing completely depend on its owner. The main inhabitants of this mysterious world are aquarium fishes, observation of whom allows the person to relax, calm down and to forget for a while about daily affairs and cares. If you want your small fishes to be always healthy, and the aquarium looked in the best way, look after inhabitants of the water world correctly.


1. The major factor affecting wellbeing of fishes is water. Before filling in usual flowing water in an aquarium, let it stand not less than 3 days. For shorter period the chlorine applied to its disinfecting will not manage to disappear, and it very harmful affects health of inhabitants of an aquarium.

2. To exempt water from excess of the oxygen dangerous to aquarium fishes, you can, its warming up up to 17 °C. Only do not forget to cool water before transfusion it in an aquarium.

3. Carry out change of water in an aquarium once a week, updating at the same time no more than a third of all its quantity. Constantly support parameters of the habitat of fishes in an aquarium. For this purpose it is enough only not to forget to include and disconnect illumination, heater and compressor in time and also to watch that the filter was not littered.

4. Preserve fishes against destructive influences from the outside: add only otstoyanny water in an aquarium, do not immerse in it foreign objects, you do not smoke indoors in which it is.

5. You feed fishes strictly certain number of times at the same time. Adults – 1-2 times, young growth – 2-4 times, and whitebaits – not less than 4 times a day. Give to inhabitants of an aquarium so much forage how many they can eat in 5-10 minutes. Surely remove the remained delicacy. In warm water it will quickly be spoiled and will pollute water.

6. Daily check the state of health of fishes in an aquarium. If you notice at some of them signs of the desease, namely suspicious spots on a little body, a tail or fins which were not earlier, or various size outgrowths, immediately place sick fishes in bank or other container with water, otherwise they will infect other inhabitants of an aquarium. It can appoint treatment to these small fishes only to the expert. You will hardly be able to define, than specifically they are sick.

7. Carry out clear-out of an aquarium depending on a species of fishes. Too frequent cleaning of an aquarium is also harmful, as well as too rare. For the period of cleaning of small fishes transfer to some capacity filled with otstoyanny water. Drain all water from an aquarium, carefully clean its walls and a bottom from the collected pollution, waste of activity of fishes, the forage remains, wash out the filter.

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