How to know a sex of a guinea pig

How to know a sex of a guinea pig

When choosing future animal each person sharply has a problem with sex determination. It is good when the animal big and cannot be defined his sex. And what to do if the animal is small? For example, guinea pig? If entirely to rely on knowledge and experience of the seller, there is a risk after a while to find out that our lovely fluffy Herman turned into Gertrude. As independently to define a sex of a guinea pig?


1. Pick up a young guinea pig and turn on a back. At young sea pigs the sexual distinctions are less noticeable as bodies still completely were not created.

2. Study distance between an anus and an urethra of an animal. At males it is much more. But this way does not give an absolute guarantee as here it is necessary to rely only on the eye estimation.

3. Define a sex of already grown up sea pigs in more radical way. Take a guinea pig for a back a palm and turn it a paunch up. Press a finger on a stomach bottom - at first slightly, then is stronger. At the same time at the self-check the sexual crack which is extending to a stomach and narrowed to an anus becomes noticeable. And at males in such a way it is possible to grope a penis which becomes visible over time.

4. Carry out the next stage in sex determination of a guinea pig. Turn an animal a paunch up. About an anus there is one more small opening. Accurately press extreme flesh to a paunch. Take a mucous membrane of genitals, delaying a skin fold in the direction of the basis. At these actions you will be able to see or a penis which represents small camber over an anus, or you will get the most part of a mucous membrane at females.

5. Look narrowly at appearance of a guinea pig. At adult individuals of distinction are obvious: males are much larger than females, they have high withers and strong frame. On existence of nipples the sex of guinea pigs cannot be distinguished as they are available both for females, and for males.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team