How to learn that at a cat temperature

How to learn that at a cat temperature

Symptoms of diseases at domestic cats are often shown differently, than at people. For example, it is difficult to understand whether is at an animal, heat or it is its normal temperature. For identification of this symptom there are special methods applicable to cats.

It is required to you

  • - thermometer;
  • - towel.


1. Check presence of the increased temperature on indirect signs. For example, the dry and hot nose of an animal can serve as it. Normal it has to be moistened as through it there is a cooling of an organism. The exception can be considered a situation when the cat wakes up after a long dream. In this case it is necessary to wait half an hour or hour that the condition of a nose returned to normal. If after that it remains hot, it is worth pricking up the ears and finding out the reason of it.

2. Take an animal temperature. For this purpose attract someone to the help - even the quiet animal can strongly resist holding a procedure. Wrap a cat in a towel so that the lower back and a tail were open, and paws are fixed. As an alternative you can cut claws special scissors. Raise to the alumna a tail and while your assistant holds her, enter it into an anus a thermometer tip. Wait until it shows the necessary data, on it several minutes are required. At the same time be careful - even with the recorded paws the animal can do much harm to you, for example, to bite.

3. Analyze the obtained information. Normal cats fluctuates between 38 and 39 degrees. If it higher than forty, then is an occasion to address the veterinarian. Such indicator can be a symptom, for example, of inflammation. animal breeds a sphinx and other nonhairy cats are an exception. Their natural body temperature higher and is about 42 degrees. Therefore it is worth worrying, only if the thermometer shows more.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team