How to learn that at the worm's cat

How to learn that at the worm's cat

Buying a pet, not all are ready to what expects them. Animals, as well as the person, have the character, can change mood, addictions. And as well as people, they are ill. The complexity is that not always the person is capable to distinguish a disease in time, many symptoms are shown far not at once, and to report about the indisposition so that the owner understood, animals can not always.


1. Remember that only the veterinarian precisely can reveal existence of worms. As not all species of these parasites actively prove, it is important to allocate time for routine inspections. The analysis a calla which fence you should do houses allows to draw a conclusion on existence in intestines of parasites. However there are types of helminths which eggs are not present at Calais therefore regular expulsion of helminths is anyway recommended. Sometimes in Calais not eggs are found, and parasites are the roundworms reminding spaghetti and reaching in length from 5 to 10 cm. You can independently see them, without addressing to clinic. Also they contain in vomiting of an animal. But even existence of one species of parasites does not exclude emergence of others therefore inspection is required anyway.

2. You watch closely behavior of adult cats. It is possible to suspect presence of worms at them on emergence of such symptoms as wipe of a bottom, irritation of an anus, a constant pokusyvaniye of area in a tail root. At the same time there is a delusion that worms surely cause decrease or, on the contrary, increase in appetite. It is optional at all, and your pet can continue to eat in the habitual mode, being even infected with helminths.

3. Especially carefully it is necessary to watch kittens. To them worms are much more dangerous, than to adult individuals, and can lead to a serious disease or even by a lethal outcome. The infected kittens are often weakened and lag behind in development. Exhaustion, slackness, signs of apathy and lack of interest in food, all this is a serious signal to see a doctor.

4. Pay attention that small children and animals quite often are infected with the same parasites. Therefore if worms are found in someone from them, it is necessary to check at once the others.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team