How to leave a cat

How to leave a cat

Cats for many people are a part of the life therefore health of the pet is not less important, than and other family members. The universal answer to a question of how to leave a cat, cannot be. Everything depends on age of an animal and his state.

It is required to you

  • Bottle with a pacifier, the pipette or the syringe, milk.


1. If health of an adult individual causes concern, then only the veterinarian will be able to help here. Self-treatment is useless as to understand that it hurts an animal, without existence of special knowledge it is just impossible. The quicker the animal will be brought to clinic, the more chances remain on a happy end of a disease.

2. Most often there are problems with how to leave a kitten. The similar situation happens when the kitten has no mom. Sometimes people too early take away a kitten from mother when he has no skills of independent meal yet. Or just it is about rescue of small life when the kid is picked up on the street. Best of all - when there is an opportunity to find replacement of mom for the kid, so it will be much simpler to leave a kitten. But if such opportunity is absent, it is necessary to be ready to the fact that it is necessary to feed the child as often as the newborn child.

3. When the kitten did not manage to master skills of meal from a saucer yet, it is necessary to raise him in the compulsory way. Some owners adapt, using a children's pacifier and a small bottle, others prefer the ordinary medical syringe or the pipette. It is necessary to feed a kitten each several hours until until he learns to eat. As the first portions for a kitten 10 ml there are enough. Daily the portion will increase. It is not necessary to take milk of the increased fat content, let and nutrition value from it 10 times more usual. Such food will cause disorder of yet not strengthened intestines.

4. That the kitten gained weight, in a month meat is entered into its diet. At first the small ball from mincemeat invests to a kitten in a mouth. Afterwards it is possible to taste cottage cheese. But milk has to dominate in a diet. It is possible to transfer a kitten to a specialized forage a bit later.

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