How to leave a puppy

How to leave a puppy

They say, dog breeders in the past are not. Those who at least once got a dog "are doomed" to hear all life bark in the house and to go outside daily on a several times thicket of usual. And if life presented you as a gift a remarkable puppy, be happy doubly. Tender feelings which you present to a puppy from first weeks of his life will cultivate devotion in both of you.


1. Before making the decision that this kid will grow at you in the house, think whether it is fleeting. Answer yourself a question: whether really you will be responsible for the one who was tamed? The most cruel that can be made with a puppy, it to throw out him on the street as unnecessary stuff. Doubts are in that, to take or take a puppy and even an adult dog, will be resolved only when you firmly understand that the animal will become the full member of your family.

2. If you decided to become the friend and the owner to a newborn puppy, be ready to what to leave him is it not just feeding from time to time and a pochesyvaniye behind an ear. Consider that the first three weeks the kid has to be with mother as for maintenance of life it needs extremely maternal milk, heat and licking. It is possible to take away the kid only one and a half months later after his birth. Since this period at a puppy the character is built up.

3. Choose future pet from a small dung (5-7 heads). Active and the strongest – those who the first run to mom or a bowl with milk, those who are interested in new people and objects. If you decided to admit to the family a street puppy, then the first that will need to be made – to address the veterinarian. He will determine the age, will estimate the general condition, will impart a puppy. Do not scorn a doctor's advice, try to implement its recommendations.

4. Daily examine eyes, ears, wool, check whether there are no fleas or cuts. In case of allocations process eyes special drops from pet-shop if fleas appeared, drip to steam of drops from fleas on puppy withers after bathing. Process cuts hydrogen peroxide. You clean ears only if they are really polluted. Do not bathe a puppy often, without visible need. From the first days of life of a puppy in process of growth cut to it claws.

5. Nothing so strengthens and develops a puppy as walks, games and new acquaintances with similar and the world in general. Already from early age give to the pet the chance to walk as often as possible, encourage his fearlessness, but do not lower from it eyes. During walks train a puppy in elementary teams: "Place!", "To me!", etc.

6. Provide to the favourite a balanced diet (with a set of vitamins and calcium), be careful with chicken bones – they crumble, and splinters are capable to injure internals of a puppy seriously. Gradually accustom the pet to a diet. It will best of all affect its digestion and will help to avoid intestines "surprises". Will tell about correctness of food not only appearance of a dog (a condition of wool, an eye, a chair, regular appetite, activity), but also the veterinarian whom you with a puppy should visit from time to time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team