How to look after a cat after castration

How to look after a cat after castration

Usually cats transfer castration easily and do not demand special leaving if operation was not followed by complications. The veterinarian can make the general recommendations right after operation by transfer of an animal to the owner, having made sure that heart of operated works normally.


1. If you have an opportunity, after operation leave for some time of a cat in veterinary clinic under observation of the expert in case there will be unexpected complications. It is especially relevant if the animal of old age or having a serious disease underwent operation. Provide to a cat rest to a full exit from an anesthesia – depending on a type of an anesthesia this time can be from several hours to one day. The slackness, weakness and an incoordination usually remain during the whole first postoperative day.

2. Having got a cat home, lay him on equal and not too rigid surface in the warm place protected from drafts. Have a laying on a floor, but whether on a chair a sofa - in attempt to rise the animal can fall and strongly be injured. Sometimes after operation at animals the vomiting and involuntary urination are observed therefore yuudt better if you over a soft laying put a disposable diaper. If at a cat the fever begins, place the hot-water bottle filled with warm water under a laying or cover the favourite with dense soft fabric.

3. It is possible to give to drink to an animal in three hours after operation, it is better to feed not earlier than in six hours if by this time to is terminated an anesthesia. Begin with a small portion of a habitual forage, for the castrated animals it will be possible to pass to specialized food in several days. If the cat a long time lies and cannot drink itself, try to give to drink him from the syringe without needle, but you do not feed. While action of an anesthesia continues, the cat can lie with open eyes. That the mucous membrane did not dry up, accurately dig physical solution or special drops in each eye.

4. Close the postoperative seams remaining after castration diapers of the small size only if the cat too diligently is licked or rubs about carpets or furniture, put the special collar complicating access to seams on an animal better. If to allow damage of seams, bleeding is possible – at any suspicion on it immediately show a cat to the doctor.

5. Do not bother the cat who is waking up after an anesthesia, attention, but also you do not depart from it far. If the pet feels more quietly when you are near, talk to him tender tone, stroke it.

6. To avoid pollution of seams, fill in a tray twice less filler, than usually. Replace it with the cut paper or put for a while a tray with a lattice. In the first days after operation the cat can "miss" by a tray - it will pass when coordination is restored.

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