How to look after a Dobermann terrier

How to look after a Dobermann terrier

Dogs of breed the Dobermann terrier is from Germany. This is rather strong, brawny dog. She perfectly get on with children. Dobermann terriers possess a sharp scent. Quite often they are used in army and police. As well as any other animal, they require thorough care.


1. When the puppy is 5 days old, he needs to stop a tail. In 3 months, ears are stopped. Of course, experts have to be engaged in it. Up to six months to a dog a standard set of inoculations has to be made. Then it is necessary to repeat once a year vaccination.

2. Puppies of a Dobermann terrier very much like to gnaw something. Especially when at them teeth begin to change. Therefore the Dobermann terrier always has to have toys.

3. The dog of this breed is ideal for house contents. The Dobermann terrier by the nature is rather clean. That on carpets and furniture there was no dog wool left, it is enough to comb sometimes of it a special brush. It is recommended to bathe a Dobermann terrier not more often than once a month.

4. The Dobermann terrier needs obligatory training. It is possible to begin it in 5-6 months. The dog has to know the general course of obedience, otherwise she can take the fling and to become a problem in your family.

5. Care for a Dobermann terrier not really difficult, but demands certain rules. Ware for feeding and the place for a dream have to be kept clean. It is necessary to clean ears to a Dobermann terrier 2–3 times a month. It is possible to remove dirt and congestions of sulfur from ears with a clean cotton tampon. If the dog from ears has an unpleasant smell, then it is necessary to address to veterinary clinic.

6. Also it should not forget to wash out eyes. It is possible to delete mucous allocations with dry fabric or cotton wool. For each eye there has to be a separate tampon. If eyes at a dog reddened and are itched, it can be symptom of an allergy or the beginning of an infectious disease.

7. It is necessary to cut off claws once a week. Not to injure a vein, to begin to cut claws follows from tips. If the vein after all is touched and bleeding began, to the place of a cut it is necessary to put the permanganate of potassium or a tampon moistened with hydrogen peroxide solution.

8. It is worth approaching walking of a dog with all responsibility. Dobermann terriers treat choleric persons, they is constant in the movement. The dog has to move, carry out certain exercises. Time of walk has to be not less than 2 hours a day. As this dog breed belongs to security, it is necessary to walk it strictly in a muzzle and on a lead.

9. On the street the dog can wound small pillows of paws. Therefore it is regularly necessary to examine paws regarding detection of the cuts, cracks or glasses which stuck into skin. Sometimes, that at Dobermann terriers callosities between fingers are formed. It is not necessary to disregard it. It is possible to consult with the doctor.

10. The Dobermann terrier treats short-haired breeds, and in winter time you should not walk with it long time. When overcooling they are subject to diseases of an urinary system. If on the street it is cold, then it is possible to buy special overalls and footwear for a Dobermann terrier.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team