How to look after a pregnant dog

How to look after a pregnant dog

The correct care for a pregnant dog will be provided by normal development of future posterity, will help to avoid complications during childbirth. If during pregnancy the dog received the balanced food, was not exposed to stresses and considerable physical activities, her chances to give birth to strong healthy puppies are very high.


1. In the first half of pregnancy the dog does not require special care. Training can be continued, having a little lowered loadings. It is necessary to limit contacts of the pregnant woman boughs with other dogs, especially if they have doubts absence of infectious diseases.

2. In process of approach of childbirth the loading should be lowered considerably. The dog becomes sluggish, quiet, itself avoids jumps and run. You should not insist on heavy traffic at the same time. And if she considerably gained weight, and you are afraid of development in the favourite of obesity, it is better to make long walks daily.

3. The childbirth is closer, the more often the dog needs walks. The increasing uterus presses on a bladder therefore it is necessary to bring an animal to the street several times a day, and sometimes and at night.

4. The special attention is required by food pregnant dog. If owners prefer to give to the favourite natural forages, from the second half of pregnancy it is necessary to increase a protein share (meat, cottage cheese) and vegetables in its diet, it is possible to give vitamin supplements and medicines of calcium.

5. If the dog eats ready-made feeds, in vitamin supplements there is no need. From the second half of pregnancy it is possible to transfer it to a special forage for pregnant women and feeding a bough. Sometimes veterinarians recommend to give puppy food, vitamin-rich and minerals.

6. In the first half of pregnancy the dog is fed as before, i.e. one - twice a day. From second month the number of feedings increase to three, and from 6-7 weeks – to four. At the same time the volume of daily eaten forage should not increase considerably to avoid overeating, obesity can lead to complications during childbirth. Frequent feedings shortly before childbirth are caused in the small portions by increase in the sizes of a uterus and pressure which she puts upon internals. Large portions of a forage can cause discomfort in a dog.

7. It is not necessary to feel independently a stomach of a dog, trying to define whether there are puppies and how many them. If you have doubts whether not false it is pregnancy and whether normally it passes, show the alumna to the veterinarian better. The expert accurately propalpirut a stomach, if necessary will make ultrasonography, will make individual recommendations about leaving.

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