How to look after a spaniel in house conditions

How to look after a spaniel in house conditions

Spaniel – one of the most popular breeds of dog. Active, but at the same time appeasable, they quickly become favourites of both children, and their parents. Nevertheless, before getting a dog of this breed, it is necessary to learn more about some features which need to be considered at care for it.


1. First of all, it is necessary to remember that this breed belongs to long-haired, therefore, it will be necessary to pay attention to combing. For this purpose quite the metal hairbrush with frequent teeth will approach, no special hairbrushes are required here.

2. Also it is necessary to cut dogs of this breed periodically, about 3 times a year. If desired, it can be done independently, but it can be quite troublesome so it is better to resort to professionals.

3. Too frequent bathings are not necessary to spaniels, from it at them leather or wool can dry up. Once a month will be quite enough. In case weather was not set, for walks it is possible to use special clothes then just to wash the pet's paws with water.

4. Spaniels eat much. And how many they would not eat, all of them will equally elicit some yum-yum. You should not follow their tastes, excess weight creates additional load of heart, thereby reducing life of a dog. And externally it looks not really esthetically.

5. Also it is necessary to remember that the spaniel is a hunting breed, owing to what mobility at it in blood. With spaniels it is necessary to walk daily long, or if there is such opportunity, at least to let out him to run about in own yard.

6. Besides long wool, potential owners still need to know about the efforts connected with eyes and ears of spaniels. From the most widespread eye sores – conjunctivitis. For its prevention it makes sense to wash the pet's eyes with Furacilin from time to time.

7. Concerning ears, there are two nuances. The first of them – purely household. Ears of spaniels are constantly soiled during feeding, and make-shifts do not protect from it. The special hat for ears often helps to cope with this problem.

8. The second has a direct bearing on health of an animal. Due to the feature of the structure of ears, at representatives of this breed high chances to ache with otitis. Owners need to watch a condition of ears of the pets constantly. Besides simple things, such as their washing from dirt, not superfluous will use raster Furacilin when cleaning ears from time to time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team