How to look after an aquarium

How to look after an aquarium

It is absolutely simple to buy an aquarium now. But here care for it – another matter. In order that the aquarium looked tidily and was the comfortable and cozy house for fishes, it is necessary to try.

 It is necessary to look after an aquarium not only regularly, but also it is correct. Generally all procedures of care for an aquarium are divided into daily and weekly. It is daily necessary to feed fishes and to watch their state. Also every day it is necessary to examine aquarian devices in time to notice the slightest malfunctions. If any fish behaves unusually, behind her it is required to establish special observation. Sick or dead fishes leave from an aquarium immediately. It is desirable to change water in an aquarium every week, pumping out by means of special devices. At the same time also purification of gravel which is also necessary for maintenance of purity in an aquarium is at the same time carried out. Removal of an excess layer of seaweed is carried out by means of special scrapers. It should be noted that excess seaweed are capable to break aquarium microflora therefore it is necessary to monitor their development and growth. When replacing water once a week it is necessary to change approximately the fifth part of water as when replacing water and filtration not only harmful, but also useful bacteria disappear. 

Care for aquarian plants is also a separate stage of arrangement of an aquarium. In principle, aquarian plants demand holding standard procedures, such as trimming of the died-off leaves and formation of krone of a plant in case of its development. It is not obligatory to fertilize such plants as they use the remains of activity of fishes for growth stimulation. As a rule, at truly carried out procedures for water replacement, plants there are quite enough necessary fertilizers. Sometimes it is required to feed up plants the fertilizers containing minerals. Such structures in a large number are on sale in specialized shops. As a reference point for need of fertilizing the modest species of plant which even at the correct leaving continues to wither can serve. Necessary fertilizers at the same time should be not added to water, and to bring directly in soil. It is the simplest to regulate concentration of nutrients in water, adding water. A part of aquarian water evaporates over time that leads to an imbalance of mineral substances in an aquarium. The cover or transparent glass with which quite often cover an aquarium will help to prevent such evaporation partially. If to look after an aquarium in time, it will always please you with the appearance and to bring only positive emotions.

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