How to look after an aquarium with small fishes

How to look after an aquarium with small fishes

The beautiful aquarium with transparent water and multi-colored small fishes is always pleasing to the eye. It calms after the difficult working day, does the room cozier. However any aquarium demands regular and correct leaving.

It is required to you

  • - plastic capacity for partial replacement of water;
  • - scraper for walls;
  • - siphon for an aquarium;
  • - compressor with the filter.


1. Buy several snails. An aquarium – the isolated ecosystem which periodically becomes soiled. On soil the uneaten remains of a forage and waste products of fishes lie, glass walls become covered by a raid, water can blossom and get an unpleasant smell. That to avoid all this, buy several snails. Ampulyariya, fiza, Melanija are the most popular. Snails are in own way beautiful, but what is even more important, they are hospital attendants of water. Snails you should not buy more than two-four pieces (depending on aquarium volumes). They quickly enough breed. Large species of snails, for example ampulyariya, are capable to get out of an aquarium, and therefore do not forget to cover it.

2. Similar in appointment, but function, much more active on action, is performed by aquarian somik. They are timid and are able to hide so what to notice in water them not easy. However these small fishes not so much for esthetic how many for sanitary function are bought. Somiki, for example antsistrusa or ototsinklyusa, eat seaweed (mainly diatomic brown seaweed) and by that clean an aquarium.

3. If after a while after feeding of fishes the dry feed still floats on a surface, he needs to be collected by a net. The uneaten remains will begin to decay and litter an aquarium, and fishes never will approach the spoiled product any more.

4. Do not use the painted forage and do not buy low-quality color jewelry for an aquarium. Both can change color of water so that it is necessary to pour out completely it and to replace new, and it is accompanied by big expenses of time and forces.

5. Every week it is required to change partially water in an aquarium. Experienced aquarians recommend time to take out in a week a special glass or a ladle about 10-15 percent of water and to replace fresh. It is important that new water was poured in any capacity in advance and was defended not less day.

6. It is regularly necessary to carry out also a sifonka of soil. One similar cleaning a month suffices. The bell of a siphon should be lowered in an aquarium and to move accurately it between stones in soil. The siphon is similar to the vacuum cleaner. It will save from excrement of the fishes who were dead roots of plants and other pollution.

7. It is easy to clean walls of an aquarium a special scraper. It can be got in any pet-shop. Adaptation has the long handle and plastic (and sometimes metal) a nozzle. The scraper partially falls to water, the edge is densely driven into the corner. Further actions remind removal of hoarfrost from a car windshield.

8. If your aquarium too quickly grows, water has an unpleasant smell, and population of fishes is reduced, so the balance is broken. Any care for an aquarium has to be directed to restoration or maintenance of biological balance.

9. Do not forget about the system of aeration of water. The compressor not only will oxygenate the water environment, necessary for normal activity of fishes, but also will not allow an aquarium to get littered too quickly. From time to time wash out the compressor filter, and if necessary replace with new.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team