How to look after an oriental cat

How to look after an oriental cat

Oriental cats are the most distinguished and graceful representatives of the cat family. Animals of this breed are very open, trustful, sociable and curious. To maintain their activity, mobility and grace, it is important to look after oriental cats correctly.


1. Choose only the high-quality balanced forage for feeding of an oriental cat. The bowl for food has to be made of non-toxic materials. Do not forget to put the second bowl for water nearby.

2. It is worth getting a claw sharpener which will save your furniture, curtains and wall-paper from tenacious claws of an oriental cat. Especially animals of this breed like to climb vertical surfaces. To give to the favourite such pleasure, build for it "a cat's tree". For this purpose take any rack, wind it with a thick rope and beat to it small wooden shelves.

3. Short hair of oriental cats does not demand especially thorough leaving. But nevertheless from time to time delete the dead hairs by means of a special rubber glove with pimples or brushes with a short natural bristle.

4. For cats of oriental breed ears have important value. Take in an oriyental it is necessary to purge more often than cleaning of ears of other cat breeds, namely 2 times a week. If you noticed that your sleek-haired favourite shakes ears, means in them the sulfuric stopper which is required to be removed urgently was formed. Such behavior and also a brown raid in ears can indicate also emergence in an oriyental of ear pincers. Usual Q-tips, antitick-borne solution or liquid paraffin will be necessary for cleaning of ears of these graceful animals.

5. At healthy oriental cats clean shining eyes. Allocations from them can demonstrate presence at an animal of a respiratory infection. In this case only the veterinarian will be able to help the pet. If at an oriyental the plaintive canals which are rolling down cheeks of an animal of a tear are filled will leave behind the faded strips from eyes to a nose. Carefully wipe these strips and eyes of the pet the cotton tampon moistened in warm boiled water or strong tea tea leaves.

6. Preserve a short-haired oriental cat against cold and drafts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team