How to look after an overland turtle

How to look after an overland turtle

Overland skulls sometimes consider live toys. They are kept in the room or at the dacha, allowing children to do with them everything that will take in head. Such approach is incorrect. A turtle – a peculiar animal with the character and interesting group behavior. That your favourite felt well and quietly, she needs the corresponding conditions and good nutrition.

Turtle house

In houses most often keep the Central Asian or Mediterranean overland skulls. Other types meet less often. Anyway it is necessary to remember that a turtle – the female resident of the warm countries. Therefore you should not hold it constantly on a free pasture. Even if in the apartment warmly, the turtle of it can appear insufficiently. It is the best of all to buy for it a terrarium and what it will be more – that better. To determine its parameters, increase length of an armor of an adult animal by five. It will also be terrarium length. Width can be about twice less than length. Height is not so important, turtles creep on the ground.

What to place in a terrarium

It is the best of all to fill up a bottom of a terrarium with coarse sand or pebble. That and another needs to be washed out and dried up previously well. In one corner it is possible to make the shelter where the turtle will have a rest at night or during hibernation. It is possible to place several houseplants in pots. In a terrarium there has to be also a small pool. Its depth such is that the turtle could stand on a bottom, and water would reach it a jaw. At the same time the pool has to be such that your lodger could come freely there. Place several in one corner of a terrarium of "hot stones" - the heaters disguised under stones. Track that the wire was inaccessible to a turtle, otherwise she perfectly gnaws through it. In other corner sand always has to be damp. It needs to be watered periodically.


Lighting depends on that, there will be a terrarium where exactly. If you place it in well lit room, additional lamps will not be required. Having put the turtle house in the dark room, place one or several small fluorescent lamps on a cover. Besides, you will need a quartz lamp. Quartz treatment is necessary that in an organism at a turtle vitamin D was produced. The deficiency of this vitamin causes softening of an armor.


The basis of a diet of the Mediterranean and Central Asian turtles is made by vegetable food. As for other representatives of the turtle world, among them there are both predators, and deathbirds. The only thing that should not be in a diet of any turtle – dairy products. In an organism of turtles just there are no enzymes which would process milk.


Sometimes the turtle can be let out to wander on the apartment. The place for walk should be prepared. There should be no cracks where the turtle can get stuck. Many representatives of a turtle sort perish in bondage for this reason. In solar day it is useful for turtle to wander on a fresh grass. But do not lower from it eyes. It only in fairy tales of a turtle move slowly, actually they are extremely mobile.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team