How to look after gooses

How to look after gooses

Geese are supported in many personal subsidiary farms. This results from the fact that they can consume in forage food with the high content of cellulose, and the young growth has high growth rate that cannot be told about other species of a bird. Gooses after hatching require the correct care.


1. The first three weeks of life of gooses – the most responsible period. At this particular time it is necessary to provide them qualitative food and the required microclimate. If gooses were cultivated under a hen, then she also will warm young growth. Under one goose place usually 12-14 young birds. If gooses were brought in an incubator, then it is necessary to support them the first week at a temperature of 30-32 °C, the second - 26-28 °C, and a third - 23-25 °C. From fourth week the young growth can already do without heating.

2. Gooses very badly transfer drafts and dampness therefore covering material and the room where raise young growth, have to be in a dry state. Every day change a laying, deleting polluted and humidified. It is necessary to feed a bird at once after their conclusion. The first two days give them the cooked and crushed eggs, millet and porridge. With the day before yesterday it is already possible to include in a diet small chopped greens (dandelions, a nettle, a clover, an orach, a feather of garlic and onions). From the fourth day enter boiled potatoes, beet and also the cakes soaked in water into the menu. In March and April add yeast, vitamin grass meal and cod-liver oil to the bourgeois.

3. Carrots are a fine source of carotene, it needs to be given to gooses, previously having crushed in the blender or having grated. In the first week young growth it is necessary to feed not less than five times a day, in the second week three times there are enough four feedings, further. Feeding troughs have to be equipped with sides, five centimeters high that gooses did not get into them and did not trample down food. It is better to put drinking bowls vacuum, water at the same time has to be freshen also clean.

4. From third week of the life the gooses the main part of time are on a pasture. And from sixth week it is allowed to let out them on reservoirs. You watch that the young growth was not carried away by crows. Stay of gooses on water promotes reduction of cases of cannibalism and growth of a feather. On pastures they eat a large number of a various grass therefore it will be necessary to feed them in the evening with concentrates.

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