How to look after pets in the winter

How to look after pets in the winter

When there comes cold season, air temperature goes down, light day decreases, pets need a special care. The immunity at animals decreases, appears drowsiness, the need for bigger amount of vitamins increases. For this reason it is important to know how it is correct to look after pets in cold season.

Care for dogs and cats in the winter

Domestic dogs spend the most part of time at home in heat therefore they cannot be long time on a frost. More often dogs with short wool freeze. Some owners dress the favourites before an exit to the street. It is additional protection against cold. Walking the pet in the winter, it is necessary to watch his behavior. If the dog shudders, draws in paws, so she began overcooling. In that case it is necessary to come back home. It is necessary to remember that often during the winter period of the road on streets can strew with mix with addition of chemicals that is dangerous to dog paws. These substances corrode small pillows, as a result on them cracks can appear. After each walk the dog of a paw needs to wash.

Cats become quieter in the winter, they sleep much, eat more therefore they gain excess weight. During this period it is not necessary to overfeed pets. Some cats can get sick with cystitis - they are heated on the battery, then sit on a windowsill under an open window leaf. If the cat shouts in attempt to descend in a toilet, and the tray remains dry, the animal needs to be carried to the veterinarian.

Winter care for birds and rodents

Parrots hardly transfer cold. If the cage costs on a windowsill, she needs to be moved away to the warm place. But not to put near the heater — because of temperature drops the parrot can catch a cold. If in the house it is cold, the cage can be closed a plaid, having left at the same time one party open.

Rodents are very sensitive to cold, drafts. It is impossible to allow overcoolings of the room and it is not necessary to put a cage on a draft. If for some reason in the apartment it is cold, it is necessary to warm a cage, having covered it with an old cover (you should not forget that the rodent can drag a cover in a cage and gnaw it). It is necessary to leave a way for air access.

Features of care for an aquarium in the winter

At small fishes the body temperature depends on water in an aquarium. It is necessary to watch in cold season temperature condition. The special heater can be made water temperature in an aquarium comfortable for fishes. It is necessary to check it for serviceability periodically. If water temperature sharply goes down, small fishes can ache and die. An important role is played by the aquarium sizes. If the heater for some reason is switched-off, the aquarium of large volume will longer keep heat. It is also necessary to watch the plants which are in an aquarium. They produce oxygen on light. In winter time the day becomes shorter, it is less oxygen, and it is more carbon dioxide because of a lack of light. Therefore in the winter the aquarium needs additional light till twelve o'clock in day.

If in the house there are pets, it is worth to remember that in cold season they will require additional care and special attention from owners.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team