How to look after the Persian kittens

How to look after the Persian kittens

Gentle and fragile Persian kittens are charming and friendly. However these animals demand continuous care. That kittens were healthy, cheerful and beautiful, it is necessary to look after them attentively. Observe a diet, accustom the pet to a tray and daily comb out his fur coat.

It is required to you

  • - hairbrushes and brushes for comb-out;
  • - shampoo;
  • - nippers for a hairstyle of claws.


1. For a start resolve an issue with feeding. Being going to buy a kitten, specify at the manufacturer of the menu to whom the kid is accustomed. You can feed the pet with the food cooked with own hand or to transfer him to an industrial forage. The last option - exact balance of nutrients is more preferable to exhibition animals, vitamins and minerals guarantees the correct development of a kitten and good condition of its wool. Kids have to receive special granules and pastes for kittens, after 6 months they can be transferred to adult forages. Choose that are developed especially for Persians. The superpremium is better to feed thoroughbred animals with professional granules and canned food of category.

2. The three-months kitten needs six times food. Closer to half a year the quantity of meals can be reduced to four and when the pet is 12 months old, he can be fed on regime of an adult cat - 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening. You watch that in a separate bowl the kid always had clear water - it is the best of all bottled.

3. Little Persians are not always accurate at meal time. If the kitten soils with paste the fluffy collar, tie to it a bib. You monitor digestion of a small animal. A diarrhea - an occasion to reconsider its diet. Some kittens badly transfer milk, fermented milk products, cereals. Do not give to the pet of sweet, sausage and smoked products and also fat products - for example, cream. Be especially attentive to snow-white kittens - they often have allergies including food.

4. Take care of the pet's toilet. Filler in a tray should not be too small - granules will stick to wool and the kitten will pinch them. It is harmful to digestion. Especially fluffy small animals can cut wool around an anus - it will be simpler to kitten to make toilet after visit of a tray.

5. A subject of continuous cares - a magnificent fur coat of the Persian kittens. The pet needs to be combed out daily a soft brush and a hairbrush with the long rounded-off teeths. To smooth a back, the head and a tail insufficiently. Turn the kid on a back and carefully comb problem places - armpits, a paunch, inside of paws and a throat. You watch that on wool koltuna were not formed. Do not use slicker brushes - they break structure of hairs and scratch skin of an animal. Usually Persian kittens quietly postpone a procedure of combing, and it is even pleasant to some pets.

6. From time to time Persians can be washed. For this procedure use only special soft animals shampoos. Surely cut to a kitten claws the rounded-off tweezers for small dogs and cats. Be attentive - it is necessary to cut off only the tip. If you doubt that you can independently do this procedure, address in a private vetklinika or zoosalon.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team