How to lure puppies

How to lure puppies

Newborn puppies grow up, and already in few weeks they need to begin to be lured. Though mother will feed them with milk approximately up to one and a half months, it is necessary to begin to acquaint doggies with adult food much earlier.

It is required to you

  • - small pan;
  • - soup plates;
  • - grain;
  • - milk;
  • - meat.


1. The feeding up should be begun at the age of 14 days. By this moment at puppies eyes and ears already open, kids are rather active. It is necessary to begin introduction of new food with usual cow's milk. To make it more nutritious, it is possible to add a crude egg yolk at the rate on milk liter. It is necessary to feed at once from a bowl, but not from a pacifier.

2. Shchenkov it is necessary to take in turn and to dip slightly a muzzle into a bowl with milk. As ware the small pan or a saucer will approach. It is the most convenient to feed the kid, having seated him on knees and holding with one hand a bowl, and another - the kid. Only put a towel on knees. But it is possible to carry out this procedure and on a floor. Of course, the most part of milk will be spilled by, but puppies very quickly understand what from them is required.

3. 3-4 days later it is possible to begin to feed kids with porridge. Here is what to choose from. Many manufacturers cook semolina porridge on milk. There are also those who lure puppies soluble children's porridges. It is very convenient also to kids, as a rule, it is pleasant. To diversify a diet, it is possible to grind independently on the coffee grinder buckwheat, rice, porridge or to crush already ready porridge the blender. However, now in pet-shops along with dry we roll out milk, it is possible to find also special porridges for a feeding up of puppies. The truth they cost expensive, and it is possible to find them not in each city.

4. From 21 days the organism of kids is already ready to digest meat. And it is necessary to boil nothing. For puppies skobleny meat is cooked. It is possible to make it in several ways. To Naskoblit a knife the frozen meat, to grate slightly melted, to grind in forcemeat. Then the prepared meat needs to be rolled in portion balls, of the size of a phalanx and to freeze. These balls will last for a long time - in one food to a puppy enough one portion. For each feeding the necessary quantity of balls should be defrozen. In parts put a portion directly in a mouth. For the second or third day the puppy will chew very actively meat.

5. Remember that meat has to be beef or mutton - dogs cannot give pork at all. And it is optional to choose cutting or steak. Much better and more useful to kids - beef kidneys. They are rather inexpensive, but contain huge amount of necessary vitamins and minerals. To monthly age will be to cut meat on a piece of the size of a nail enough and to give in the portions equal to a tablespoon.

6. Except meat it is time to enter also the calcinated cottage cheese. For its receiving add 3-4 spoons of chloride calcium on milk liter. collect cottage cheese flakes, and merge serum or give a bough. And to monthly age it is possible to begin to give also adult food. Here the choice for you - to feed a puppy with a natural forage, or to accustom to ready-made feeds. If you stopped on ready option, then choose soft canned food, or previously presoak granules of a dry feed in warm water or milk, before softening. Only do not pour boiled water, otherwise all vitamins which are available in a stern will collapse. If you for natural feeding, then it is possible to cook porridge from various grain - wheat, rice buckwheat. Separately you cook broth and mix with porridge. Head meat, kidneys, entrails will be suitable for its preparation though the last do not differ in a pleasant smell.

7. It is the best of all to distribute feedings thus: 1 feeding - porridge with meat, the 2nd feeding - cottage cheese, the 3rd feeding - porridge with meat, the 4th feeding - dairy semolina or porridge, the 5th feeding - crude skobleny meat. It is necessary to give meat for the night because it is digested slowly and puppies will be all night long full and will not wake up from hunger.

8. To monthly age the puppies eat, from the bowl put on a floor. It does not make sense to put a separate pan to everyone - kids will gather all the same at one-two bowls. It is the best of all to put 2-3 soup plates, depending on the number of the sizes of puppies. However nevertheless it is more expedient to give cottage cheese and meat to each puppy individually that stronger and active puppies did not take away from weaker.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team