How to make a beautiful feeding trough

How to make a beautiful feeding trough

Many at school and houses are made by feeding troughs and skovorechnik, and then hang out them on trees. Designs usually simple - are knocked together a little dosochek or an opening in a package from under milk is made. The main thing that to feathery friends was where to be sheltered and supported. But you can consolidate several useful cases: to feed birds, to decorate the dacha or the site, having made a beautiful feeding trough and to occupy your children, having acquainted them with work on a hand-made article. So, how to make an original beautiful feeding trough that it pleased also feathery guests and people?


1. Feeding trough frame. Make a frame of wooden plates. You fix from two parties the metal gauze, from above leaving at the same time an interval to put a forage. In the bottom of a feeding trough, parallel to a grid, attach perches that birdies could reach a treat. The forage has to clean up between metal gauzes. Take fat pieces, oatmeal cookies, etc.

2. Feeding trough ornament. The most tasty and elegant feeding troughs can be made of the cones covered with condensed milk or honey, and rolled in sunflower seeds, grain and nutlets. Any tree will look stylish in such furniture. It is possible to add composition with a beads from berries and fat which is so loved by birds.

3. Even more originally than a feeding trough ornament in the form of hearts, asterisks, ships, cars. Cut out from dense cardboard of a figure, cover with flour paste, add kernels.

4. Feeding trough pendant. Any beautiful unnecessary thing (casket, an old toy service, a box) can become a fine feeding trough. The main thing to find the space for a forage. It is possible to suspend a feeding trough on a chain, ribbons, a bow.

5. Feeding trough cup. Very simply, but it is effective. A beautiful cup (it is better with a saucer) - a feeding trough basis. Paste a saucer to a cup, put on the platform, upward make a roof of two plates that snow and a rain did not get. Impose a forage.

6. Feeding trough-block. Of the old system unit goes out an excellent multy-storey feeding trough.

7. ZD feeding trough. From a color wire different volume figures are designed. In them put big pieces of a forage.

8. Feeding trough pumpkin and feeding trough watermelon. Cut through openings in pumpkin, it turns out like a lodge with a roof, make windows. A great option for the celebration of Halloween.

9. Feeding trough geometry. In children's cubes of various form make openings. It is possible to stick together figures among themselves to receive lodges. What option of a feeding trough you would not choose, birds will thank you for a treat ringing chirping.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team