How to make a cage for a chinchilla

How to make a cage for a chinchilla

Chinchillas are first of all rodents, and it is the best of all to keep them in cages. Not to hold down physical activity of a small animal, a cage it is necessary to select spacious. It is possible to get it in shop or to make independently.

It is required to you

  • - steel close-meshed grid;
  • - metal elements are corners, tubes, loops;
  • - Bulgarian;
  • - welding machine.


1. The sizes of 70Х50Х50 cm are considered as the most suitable space of a cage for one rodent. In this space it will be necessary to place various necessary accessories for a chinchilla – a drinking bowl and a feeding trough, a sandy bath and a suspended hammock, various toys, exercise machines for support of physical activity of a small animal.

2. Ready cages for chinchillas are offered in the market in a big variety, but they cost expensive. More budgetary cages of production of China raise many questions concerning the reliability. It is no wonder that most of owners prefer to make independently the house for a small animal.

3. Write down on paper the sketch of future cage or draw the plan. By all means calculate at the same time arrangement of a cage in human housing and the internal equipment of the house for a rodent. Consider arrangement of feeding troughs and shelves, labyrinths, tunnels, hills and other elements.

4. Make a framework for future cage – it should be made of metal tubes which are fastened with corners and screws to angular nuts. It is possible to divide at once into several sections space inside, to plan transitions for their connection. Weld a plate for a bottom on a framework of a cage, make a flooring to receive a wooden floor. Arrange and fix walls – they can be also from a tree or from the metal gauze.

5. Think over what will be an attachment design to cage roof racks. It should be made acting – thus you facilitate to yourself periodic actions for cleaning of a cage. Loops with the lock, but not with a latch will approach, for example. Prepare internal space of a cage: establish regiments and fix, also record short flights of stairs, lodges, drinking bowls and feeding troughs. Establish the container with sand, on a bottom of a cage lay hay. The cage is ready.

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