How to make a cage for a chinchilla most

How to make a cage for a chinchilla most

If you decided to get a little chinchilla, then you will need a cage for it. You can independently make a similar lodge. It is not so difficult. The main thing - follow instructions, then at you everything will turn out.


1. For a start decide on the place where there will be a cage. It it is impossible to have in the place through passage or the deaf room. So the chinchilla will not be able quietly to have a rest, and it can affect her mental health. It is undesirable to put a cage at a window where there is a lot of the sun, or at heating devices. It is not recommended to put it and in the bedroom. Small animals lead a nocturnalism, and noise can prevent to sleep to you. The cage has to be spacious. Optimum - if height and length are 80 cm, width - about 60 cm. The best form for a cage - rectangular. So it will be simpler to your chinchilla to be guided in her.

2. The cage needs to be done of strong and safe materials as these small animals try everything on tooth. You can use aluminum, lining, a galvanized grid, plexiglas. But it is impossible to use chipboard, a fibreboard and materials where there is a glue. The chinchilla can get poisoned and die. To begin to collect a cage it is necessary from a framework. For this purpose any bars will approach. Side sheathe a back wall and a part lining. It has to be dry and without visible spots of pitch. Attach everything screws, but track that was not having split. A floor is done the same. For convenience of cleaning you can make a rectangular opening with a grid at the bottom. Not sewn up other side walls and top can be closed a galvanized grid or plexiglas. Establish a door so that it was convenient to you.

3. In a cage place a lodge in which the small animal will be able to take refuge. It can be bought in shop. Surely put a tray with sawdust. Small animals are very clean therefore it is not necessary to fill up all floor with sawdust. Put a drinking bowl and a feeding trough. The running wheel will be pleasant to your pet too, but do not forget it to attach.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team