How to make a cage for a parrot

How to make a cage for a parrot

The cage is necessary for any bird who lives in house conditions. There is an opinion that she can freely live in the room, but does not pine behind iron rods. However birds quickly get used to the cozy dwelling and leave it only to warm up wings. Therefore buying a bird, it is necessary to take care of a lodge in the form of a cage.

It is required to you

  • metalprofile, grid, chipboard, leaf of galvanization, corners, self-tapping screws


1. Considering sizes birds which will live in a cage, decide on dimensions of its dwelling. Count amount of material.

2. Make a framework. They will serve as a framework for a cage, and to them the grid will fasten. A framework makes of four preparations of a metalprofile which length is defined by cage dimensions.

3. Cut off side parts of a metalprofile at two side preparations and bend the remained longitudinal part by 90 degrees. It is necessary to fix the lower and top preparations.

4. Collect a frame. Connect preparations by means of self-tapping screws, screwing in them in an emphasis of side preparations.

5. Cut off the necessary quantity of a grid. Make measurements of a grid on a frame, noting sites of arrangement of wires of a grid.

6. Sort a frame and make openings on noted places. Diameter of an opening has to be similar to diameter of a wire of which the grid is made. Further we collect a frame, using a grid which wires we drag in the made openings.

7. Bend the grid wires which are sticking out outside thereby having reliably fixed a grid and having stiffened a design. The quantity of such frames is equal to five. One frame will act as a front wall, another – back. One frame is necessary for top of a cage and two frames on each side.

8. Make a framework of a ready framework. It is necessary to unite a framework corners by means of self-tapping screws.

9. Make the cage basis. Chipboard perfectly will be suitable for this purpose. We cut off preparations of the necessary size. We fix corners and self-tapping screws.

10. That in a cage it was possible to maintain easily purity, make a sliding pallet. As material the leaf of galvanization will approach. We do a frame of a metalprofile, we fix on it the leaf of galvanization and a pallet is ready.

11. An important element of a cage is the door. Therefore in front we cut out a part of a grid, and we grind off the sharp ends a file. The size of a door should not be too big as the grid can be deformed. It is easy to think up a lock for a door independently.

12. Place in a pole cage, a drinking bowl, a feeding trough and other necessary objects for the pet. The cage is ready to accept the owner.

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