How to make a cage for chickens

How to make a cage for chickens

For production of a figurative cage for chickens it is necessary to cut out a piece of a welded galvanized grid on three parts. Then accurately to bend all sharp ends of delays and to collect a box from the received parts. But it is possible to manage also a big box from under the fridge.

It is required to you

  • 485 cm of a welded galvanized grid, nippers, flat-nose pliers, 50 cm of an aluminum wire.


1. Open grids. All piece of a grid is divided into 3 parts: 200 cm long, 190 cm long and 95 cm long. It is necessary to bend flat-nose pliers all sharp ends of delays in places of cuts. One piece 200 cm long and 100 cm wide will be used as a roof.

2. The remained pieces are cut across in half so that 2 pieces the sizes of 190х45 cm and two pieces the sizes of 95х45 cm turned out. From them the box without bottom the sizes of 190х95х45 cm gathers. Pieces twists of an aluminum wire freely so that developing connect among themselves, the rectangular design easily could be transformed to a plate.

3. The roof is put on a box and just bound a twine on perimeter in several places so that there were no obvious openings for penetration of cats. Such cage can be transferred without effort from one place to another, even without taking out from it chickens. A part of a roof and side walls needs to be draped with a polyethylene film and any light fabric for protection against too hot sun and wind with the rain.

4. Cage for chickens for cultivation under a lamp. The simplest cage is the modernized cardboard box into which the big TV or the fridge was packed. Height of a box is done by no more than 45 cm that it could enter the open-air cage from a galvanized grid. On a bottom of a box the piece of polyethylene by the size of a bottom creeps and sawdust or shaving are filled, the soup plate is put. Any thick-walled glass plafond with an equal bottom from lamps for street lighting undertakes. The 99 W ordinary glow lamp, but not to the bottom, and so falls to it that hung. All this design is established in a plate. The lamp has to be always included, it is necessary not so much for lighting how many for heating.

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