How to make a cat tender

How to make a cat tender

Adult cats differ from small in the built-up character and pronounced willfulness. Perhaps, the kitten often sat earlier on hands and made up and when grew, ceased to jump on knees or at all became aggressive.


1. You give heat and caress to kittens from the first days of their life. Take a thicket on hands, but do it so that the kid felt safe. If the kitten is absolutely small, keep him in horizontal position and watch that pads did not hang down from your palms. He has to feel heat and a support, otherwise, safety. Your task – from the first days to provide both.

2. Slightly grown up kitten can hiss on the owner or on guests. Let it know that you do not constitute for it danger. Let he will get used to a smell of hands, and for this purpose wait when it ceases to move back and hiss, then take it on hands. Sentence and surely stroke a kitten. It you will help it to calm down and to get used to you a little. But do not wait that he "will at once lodge" at you on a lap. Cats and cats are very freedom-loving therefore give them time to get used to you and to accustom to your presence.

3. The cat's caress can arise as reciprocal feeling. You feed and look after a cat, bring up, but do it without aggression manifestations. Do not beat an animal at all, do not raise the newspaper or the book. The cat or will nurse a grievance and will surely revenge, or will apprehend the hand holding over him the newspaper as a toy and every time when you want to stroke it will bite and attack.

4. Perhaps, the cat became cold after you frightened him. For example, you fed him from hands, and nearby something fell with a loud sound. After it, especially if a kitten absolutely small, he hardly takes delicacy from hands, being afraid of danger. Any sharp sound of a cat is regarded as threat from which they either disappear, or protected, or attack it. Do not do too loud and sharp movements, otherwise the cat will perceive you as enemy. Stroke a cat if you offended him, or give delicacy, a new toy. And whether you here deserve it forgiveness or not, the cat will solve.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team