How to make a lead for a dog

How to make a lead for a dog

Lead – the accessory necessary in each family where there is a dog. When choosing a lead it is necessary to consider not only breed, the size and a type of wool of your pet, but also his appointment – whether you will use it for walking of the pet outdoors, in the city or it is necessary for you for training of an animal. It is necessary to understand that not only that in certain cases can depend on correctness of the choice of a lead, it will be how convenient to use to you it, but also even life of your dog.


1. In pet-shops the wide range of dog leads of different types is presented today: roulette, chain, breast-band or usual nylon leads. However the design of leads in the majority of cases does not differ in a variety. Therefore if you suddenly want to please yourself and the favourite with a beautiful accessory, it is possible to try to make it independently.

2. For a start, of course, it is worth buying already ready lead which you will take as a basis. Of course, it is possible to make completely the hands lead, for example, to take several leather cords, to weave them, to make a loop for a hand on the one hand and to attach a carbine with another. But such accessory, perhaps, will concede to a purchased lead in durability that is important, especially for owners of dogs of large breeds.

3. So, having bought (or having made) a lead a basis, you can get all necessary for its ornament in any sewing shop. For example, if the leather or thin tarpaulin lead was taken as a basis, it can be decorated various metal revetings, plaques, chains, buttons, rhinestones, lace, appliques and so on.

4. There are many options of decoration of a lead for a dog, they are limited only to imagination of the person who undertook production of this accessory. The main thing that the thing which turned out as a result of your work was not just beautiful, but convenient and functional.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team