How to make an aquarium

How to make an aquarium

Let's begin with the glass choice, for an aquarium it is necessary to take M3 glass above, check lack of impregnations, scratches. It is the most responsible step if you decided to make an aquarium with own hands.

Now it is necessary, will decide on glass thickness. Let's count the volume of our living in poverty aquarium on a formula: V=a*b*h where an and b is width and is long, and h – height. After calculation, we decide on glass thickness: up to 30 liters - it is possible to take 5 mm glass if volume up to 50 liters – that 6 mm, up to 100 liters - 8 mm, 120 liters and above - are better to take 12 mm glass. For durability in aquariums, big by the size, it is better to do couplers.

Now, it is necessary to cut out it. Cut is usually included into the list of services upon glass purchase, and sticking together a small aquarium, it is better to look for a workshop in which details for it will cut out from scraps, its cost will considerably fall. Than to stick together an aquarium? Of course – silicone adhesive. There are two ways of gluing together of an aquarium: when walls put on a bottom and when fix around a bottom. Now an assembly order. We gather waters in a bathtub of 10-15 cm. We put a towel on a bottom, we put on it glass. The moistened grinding stone we grind off edges. We dry faces, and we degrease them acetone or alcohol. We put a bottom on paper. On a front wall evenly we apply sealant on a face which the wall becomes on a bottom, later we take it, and accurately we put on a bottom. Do not press down too strongly, otherwise almost all glue will get out, and durability of pasting will decrease, it is one of features of silicone that the more its thickness, the product which more strong is stuck together by it. It is necessary that glue got out a little on both sides. We prop up a wall and we wait until dries up. We take a sidewall. This time it is necessary to smear the lower face which is put on a bottom, and a side face which will be pasted to glass what is in turn already pasted to a bottom. We put it into place. Do not forget that it is necessary to check quality of the pressed-down silicone layer. We make the same manipulations with the remained parties of an aquarium, after that we leave our aquarium to dry approximately for day. Do not rearrange it at all. When dries, we take an edge and we cut off excess glue on seams, inside it is possible not to cut off, in water it will be imperceptible. We fill in water in an aquarium, it is better to do it in the bathroom as there is a chance of a leakage, and we leave for a couple of hours. Attentively look at seams and especially carefully you provrt corners. If there are no leakages anywhere, so you could make an aquarium correctly. Now you can quietly be engaged in its population.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team