How to make an original feeding trough

How to make an original feeding trough

To feed up sunflower seeds of birds in parks is a noble cause. However such "material" help of you is required to many birds constantly, especially in the winter and in the spring when food so is not enough. And here feeding troughs will come to the rescue. It is possible to cut out habitual feeding troughs from dairy boxes, and it is possible to think up something more interesting.

It is required to you

  • For a spring ""ice"" feeding trough:
  • - various berries (rowan, hawthorn, mespilus);
  • - seeds;
  • - metal molds from floating candles or deep icetrays;
  • - wire or dense string.
  • For a feeding trough from plates:
  • - two wooden plates with a diameter about 30 cm;
  • - carriage bolt about 30 cm long;
  • - drill;
  • - washers or nuts;
  • - cord.
  • For a feeding trough from boxes:
  • - two empty containers from instant noodles;
  • - two pieces of plywood.


1. ""Ice"" feeding troughs. Fill molds with berries and seeds approximately half. Make a loop of a wire or a rope, lower it in a mold. Leave a long tail on which you will suspend feeding troughs.

2. Fill in molds with water, remove in the deep freeze. In spring day suspend these feeding troughs on a foreground. Ice will melt slowly, and birds will be able easily to peck out berries from fragile ice. Certainly, such feeding troughs will not be suitable for a thirty-degree frost – regret unfortunate birdies.

3. Feeding trough from plates. Drill by means of an opening drill in the middle of both plates. Diameter of openings make slightly less than diameter of a bolt – adjust it later manually that the bolt kept strongly.

4. Insert a bolt into plates, fix it by means of washers, nuts and other fasteners.

5. Drill two more small openings in a plate which will serve as a feeding trough cover, at distance about 1.5 cm from a bolt. Do openings precisely opposite to each other – through them you will stretch a cord therefore they have to be symmetric each other. Otherwise the feeding trough will exactly not hang.

6. Pass a string or a cord through openings. Suspend on a branch, a balcony or to other location, comfortable for birds. Fill a feeding trough.

7. Feeding trough from boxes. Measure width of boxes from under noodles. Cut out two fanerka with a length equal to box width, and about 10 cm wide. Connect details by means of superglue – boxes will be a ceiling and a floor, and fanerka – sidewalls.

8. In the top box make two openings, suspend a feeding trough on a branch and fill it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team