How to make cages for hamsters

How to make cages for hamsters

In pet-shops quite wide choice of cages - to choose the dwelling for guinea pigs or rats absolutely easily. Other business if you decided to get the Dzungarian hamsters. These tiny small animals manage to creep anywhere including in a cell of a usual store cage. So it is better to equip a lodge for them with the hands. The suitable cage can be made also for larger Syrian hamsters.

It is required to you

  • Plexiglas
  • Corners
  • Drill
  • Self-tapping screws
  • 2 loops
  • Small metal hook and eyelet.


1. Cut plexiglas. The cage represents a rectangular parallelepiped 30-40 cm long, 25-30 cm wide and not less than 25 cm high.

2. Note places in which you will fasten cage walls with corners. Drill the necessary quantity of openings. Fasten walls among themselves with self-tapping screws. In the same way attach a bottom.

3. Make a roof. Attach it to a back wall by means of loops. Usual door loops for so small dwelling will be rather big, and here loops which the case door — just right fastens. On the other hand roofs attach a hook. On a front wall of a cage attach a small tack with a wide hat to which the hook will cling.

4. Equip the dwelling for a hamster. Attach a feeding trough to a wall. It can be any rather strong plastic capacity. It is necessary to fix it to the lower part of a wall that the hamster could climb and rummage in it in a stern.

5. At the height of 3 cm attach a drinking bowl to a wall. It is the best of all to use an autodrinking bowl, from it your kid will receive exactly so much water how many it is necessary for it. At the bottom make a laying of sawdust. It should be changed often. In a cage surely has to be a wheel, otherwise the hamster will grow fat. The wheel can be bought, and it is possible to make of the same plexiglas on bearings. The wheel fastens to a wall too. The other equipment — on your discretion. It can be short flights of stairs, brevnyshka and other objects which the hamster can climb.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team