How to make friends a cat and a cat

How to make friends a cat and a cat

If you have a cat, and you decided to get one more animal before bringing it to the house, it is necessary to be prepared a little. It is possible to make friends a cat and a cat. There is a strategy, working according to which, you will be able to help animals to get on with each other. Remember that for them emergence of a new animal in the house – the real shock. It is hard to make friends to cats.


1. Before bringing a new animal into the house, prepare for it the place. There has to be an opportunity to seat cats on different rooms completely to isolate them from each other. If you have on hand only one room, it is possible that it is necessary to build for a while small cages for animals.

2. Having brought home the second cat, do not acquaint her with already available animal at once. Put them to different rooms. Cats will guess a smell of each other and will be able to get used to it. After a while it is possible to trade their places, or just to change their rugs.

3. Time to acquaint a cat and a cat came. Take a spray with cold water and strong mittens or a plaid in case it is necessary to take away new neighbors. Let in a cat owner to a cat guest the room. If they same-sex, then, most likely, they are hostile to each other. The cat and a cat, even castrated, will show more interest, than aggressions, at the first acquaintance.

4. If animals fought, immediately slightly sprinkle them from a spray and take away on different rooms. If you were lucky and cats did not show the friend in relation to the friend of open aggression - it is good, but it is impossible to leave at once them alone. Constantly watch animals. The first 2-3 weeks you should not leave their some.

5. Even if animals live several weeks together and do not growl at each other, from time to time all of you can equally hear howl – they sort out the relations, showing to who the owner here. If business is limited to "scandal", but does not end in a fight, then everything is all right. Nevertheless, at the first signs of dismantling immediately use a spray and seat cats to different rooms.

6. If the cat and a cat managed to fight, then frighten them. Shout slightly at them - express to cats the discontent. Animals very well understand intonation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team