How to make friends a cat with a kitten

How to make friends a cat with a kitten

You gave in to temptation, and in your house where long ago the cat lives, there was a kitten. And it is possible, the kid is acquired specially, with the breeding purposes. Anyway, the world and rest in your house depends both on you, and on character of an adult cat. The more quietly there will take place the first meeting, the your pets will make friends quicker.


1. Do not force an adult cat to communicate with a kitten violently. In the first day of animals not to acquaint the best at all, and to give time to a kitten to get used to a new situation. Every other day - another when he accustoms, and the adult cat will get used to his smell, it is possible to start the first acquaintance.

2. The first acquaintance surely has to take place at your presence. If you are afraid of aggression from a cat, at first let's them be smelled through a lattice. Put a kitten in carrying and show to a cat. Hissing of an adult animal should not frighten you. If the cat does not rush, like mad, on carrying with the pressed ears and oskalenny canines – everything is all right.

3. The second meeting can try to be organized without barriers. Open a door to the room of a kitten. Let the cat will enter and will sniff at his bowls, a tray, a stove bench. Do not banish an adult cat from the chosen place if suddenly he occupied a laying or a kitten lodge.

4. When the cat notices a kitten, watch closely his reaction. Adult cats, as a rule, do not see the competitor on the territory in absolutely little fellow. Even if the cat is not castrated, he, most likely, will not attack the first. If the old resident after all is going to attack, strictly hail him.

5. Even if the second meeting took place successfully, try not to leave pets unguarded in one room, and before leaving lock a kitten separately. If the senior continues to show aggression, wash up a cat and a kitten one shampoo. It will beat off others smell and will force a cat to distract for a while from the competitor. Do not do it if your adult pet is sensitive and vindictive. Castration of a cat can become a last resort (only if he is not intended for cultivation).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team