How to make friends a dog and a puppy

How to make friends a dog and a puppy

When in the house there is an adult dog, and owners decide to take a little puppy, some problems are possible. The pet was the only favourite, perhaps, spoiled therefore on emergence of other being, a special same look, can aggressively react. It is necessary to acquaint very carefully it with a puppy, to accustom them well to behave gradually with each other and to show consideration for both animals.


1. If you finally made the decision to take in the house of a puppy, then take only three-months or is younger. Adult dogs, as a rule, do not attack small, and in relation to more senior puppies can not only show aggression, but also work suitably – to rush, to bite, fight.

2. The first few days you keep animals in different rooms, do not acquaint with each other. In couple of days it is possible to trade their places so that they did not meet. For example, ask one of family members to transfer a puppy to that room where there lives a dog until you with her walk. Let it will lock this room, and having returned, the dog will live in another. So they will quickly get used to each other smell. If you notice that the dog sharply reacts to others smell – barks and grumbles, punish and scold her. Any manifestation of aggression needs to be stopped punishment. Some owners consider that the vicious dog can be calmed, pronouncing tender words and trying to stroke. But so the animal can think that you approve his aggression.

3. In several days acquaint a puppy and a dog with each other. Adult surely you hold at the same time on a lead, but do not pull it. If you see that she behaves aggressively, punish her, order "to sit". Allow a puppy to sniff at a dog, stopping her discontent. For the first time such "session" has to last no more than ten minutes then take away dogs on different rooms. Several times a day arrange such meetings 10-15 minutes and only at your presence. There will pass two-three weeks before the adult dog gets used to a puppy.

4. Let know to dogs that you put one of them another is more main. For example, if both of them growl at each other, at first punish younger even if adult began the first. You feed the senior dog with the first, walk before a puppy, pay a little more attention and caress, you watch that she received the stone or a toy. You feed dogs separately. They got used to that in pack there were hierarchical relations therefore if accurately know the situation in family, problems will not arise. But do not assume that the adult dog began to behave as the leader. You are an owner of both dogs and have to show the leadership before them. Behave according to the domination – the first you enter and you leave at doors, ignore a dog when she asks food or sticks to you, forbid to lie on a sofa or a chair.

5. In several weeks both dogs will get used to each other and will begin to behave quietly. If aggression is not observed any more, you can leave two of them in the absence of the owner. Be engaged in education of a puppy, but do not forget to find more time for an adult dog. Over time at you it will turn out to make friends a dog and a puppy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team