How to make friends dogs

How to make friends dogs

The dog always perceives the house and the nearby territory as property and tries to kick out any who will attempt upon it. But sometimes so it develops that you should bring other dog into the house. To prevent large-scale wars and to keep nervous system not only to dogs, but also itself, it is necessary to acquaint correctly animals with each other.


1. The second dog gets to us to the house in different ways. Happens that you could not pass by trustful eyes of the thrown animal. Perhaps, friends as they are going on vacation asked to take you temporarily the pet, and perhaps you just dreamed long ago of the second dog and at last decided to realize a dream. Anyway, you need ""to present"" the beginner to the dog correctly.

2. It is good if you have a possibility to acquaintof dogs still before they appear in one apartment. Ask the owner of other dog to descend with you and your dog on joint walk. Let dogs will get acquainted in the neutral territory. Will be great if they together play - a game a direct way to friendship.

3. If you have no opportunity to acquaint dogs in advance, then the new dog needs to be brought to the house carefully. If your dog differs in friendliness, then animals can try to be acquainted at once. If they do not show aggression to each other, then it is possible to allow a new dog to look round and recover.

4. If your dog is aggressive, then close her in other room then enter a new dog into the apartment. Let's it look round, and to your dog to sniff to a new smell. Then try to acquaint dogs - here not to do you without the help. Take the dog for a collar and enter her into the room where your assistant will hold in the same way a new dog. Let's dogs be sniffed, you praise them at the same time. If everything is good, then it is possible to cease to insure pets for collars.

5. If dogs belong to each other aggressively, then it is possible to try to take them several days in different rooms. Having got used to each other smell, it will be easier for them to find contact.

6. If it does not help, then try to give to dogs the chance to understand independently. Bring together them in one room, at the same time be ready to interfere. As a rule, dogs find out which of them main without causing to each other mutilations. After the relations are sorted out, one dog should reconcile to position of the subordinate.

7. In the course of communication between dogs the conflicts are also possible. Over time it has to come to naught. But, you remember: in the house you are an owner therefore all attempts of quarrels have to be stopped by a strict hail.

8. Ironing foreign dog do not forget also about the. Your attention has to be distributed equally, otherwise fight for your caress will become the main reason for the conflicts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team