How to make furniture for Barbie with own hands

How to make furniture for Barbie with own hands

The Barbie doll won the hearts of many girls worldwide. It is known for the love for dresses, beautiful houses and magnificent furniture. To buy furniture to Barbie in shop it is very expensive, besides it can always be made most. It will help to develop imagination of the child, creative abilities and to accustom him to work.


1. Furniture from boxes. It is very easy to make a sofa or a bed of a box. For this purpose you need directly a box or several boxes, scissors, a sharp stationery knife, foam rubber, cotton wool or sintepon (or other stuffed material), threads, needles, glue. Cut out preparation where it is necessary from a box – stick together, for example, a back and legs of a bed or armrests for a sofa. Then paste over preparation with foam rubber, roll rollers for armrests and a back of a bed and in advance stitch them. Paste over inner side of furniture with fabric. You watch that between fabric and cardboard there were no vials of air. Sheathe the faces, densely pulling fabric and clinging it for the fabric pasted from a wrong side. Sew small pillows and a cover, fill pillows sintepon. Furniture is ready.

2. Furniture from cans. It is better to make such furniture together with adults. It will help to avoid injuries. Take a can, it is better if it is from thin metal, for example, will approach bank from under sparkling water or beer. Cut a sidewall banks thin strips and bend them in the direction from the bottom. By means of nippers connect on some strips, twist from them patterns and model legs of future table or a chair. When preparation is ready, sew a small pillow and paste it in a bottom banks.

3. Wicker furniture from newspapers. Country doll furniture can be made so: you take newspapers, you cut them on thin strips, by means of a long knitting needle you twist them in tubules. Glue tubules with PVA glue. From the newspaper roll a dense ball, it will be necessary for chair volume. Put eight tubules an asterisk and begin to bind them around other tubules. Fix glue the ends. When you consider that round sitting is ready, bend edges of the eight upward and spin a back. For convenience put inside the ball rolled from the newspaper. The more densely your tubules will adjoin to each other, the chair will be stronger.

4. Furniture from plasticity. Rather strong and nothing the furniture which is not conceding store can turn out from plasticity. The plasticity can be bought in art shop – self-hardening or for roasting. Make a framework of future furniture of a dense foil and stick around it the rolled plasticity. In order that the product was accurate, for rolling of one layer of plasticity to another use a toothpick. Trace fine details and patterns and leave before full drying if it is the self-polymerized material or bake in an oven at a temperature of 135-150 With within 30 minutes. After hardening ornament acrylic paints and varnish furniture. Also it is very convenient to do ware, accessories and food for Barbie of plasticity.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team