How to make multiple copies guram

How to make multiple copies guram

Smoothly soaring among aquarium seaweed, slow, peaceful guram concern just those fishes, observation of whom calms and weakens. Besides, they differ in bright coloring and, undoubtedly, will become decoration of any apartment. Under certain conditions guram can please with numerous posterity.

Are considered as Gurami as rather unpretentious pets. They are supported in rather spacious aquariums on 40-50 liters. It is very important to create bright lighting which will promote the most saturated coloring of small fishes. It is necessary to watch closely purity of water, for this purpose it is possible to install the filter.

Soil should be selected dark color: a granite crumb, small pebble with ceramics pieces which will be used for shelters. With the same purpose it is better to plant water plants more densely.

Gurami can emerge to a water surface after portion of fresh air from time to time. It is necessary to leave free not less than 8 cm to edge of an aquarium and to cover it with glass.

For reproduction recommend to select females and males of one look, for example, only marble or only pearl. At mixture of breeds it is possible to receive posterity too, but most likely it will be not really interesting coloring.

Training of small fishes for cultivationFor cultivation usually choose several males and several females which previously for a week are transplanted on separate banks and feed with live sterns. Males can be distinguished on the pointed back fin, at females it is rounded off. The female, ready to spawning, can be determined by the rounded tummy. The chosen female is replaced in nerestovik – a separate aquarium of liters on 20-30, with water is warmer usual by couple of degrees, without soil, with seaweed, including floating, for example a duckweed. After a while settle a male who soon changes coloring for brighter to it. For example, pearl gura will dazzle with an orange throat and a paunch.

Pairing and reproductionThe male begins to send a female, and in such situation she has to have a place, where to hide. After the race the male begins to build a nest of the vials of air fastened with its saliva and particles of a duckweed. Then he embraces the girlfriend, squeezing out from her caviar, and he immediately picks up the white berries falling on a bottom and carries in a nest. After spawning the female of a gurama is usually moved away back in the general aquarium, its mission is ended. The male some time watches a nest and returns into place the dropping-out berries. In couple of days there are whitebaits for whom clear water as they did not create a respiratory organ a labyrinth yet is important. That the father did not eat the posterity, at this moment he is settled out.

In the nature the female of a gurama throws up to 1000 berries, but only the largest and strong whitebaits eating fellows survive.

Whitebaits grow pretty fast, but unevenly and therefore it is necessary to watch that kids about one size stayed together, otherwise large will eat small. Feed whitebaits, as a rule, with naupliya of Crustacea, dry feeds yield less successful result.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team