How to make multiple copies parrots

Cultivation of the majority of species of parrots does not represent special complexity. Budgerigars, nerazluchnik and a korella contain in bondage decades and are not exacting to reproduction conditions at all. However it is necessary to meet several indispensable conditions that process of reproduction of parrots took place successfully.


1. Buy not one couple of parrots, and at once a little. Being in pack, birds are more actively subject to a reproduction instinct. In pack by the principle of "psychological compatibility" couples are also formed.

2. Buy parrots only in special pet-shops where you will be able to buy healthy birds with good external data. The ability of reproduction is affected significantly by the state of health of future parents.

3. Provide married couple of birds with respective "apartment". The cage has to be spacious, big and be kept clean.

4. Correctly determine age and sex of the pets. As a rule, since four months it is already possible to define a sex of a parrot. A thin skin at the basis of a beak of a female brown, and at a male - bright blue. But at such young age it is not recommended to begin reproduction. The posterity will turn out weak, and the unripe female can even die. Optimum age to start reproduction the year and a half is considered.

5. Pick up to the pets the correct mineral and vitamin complex. During reproduction the food plays an important role. The lack of calcium can cause fragility of a shell and risk of development of rickets in future baby birds. Track that the diet of a bird in enough included iodine. As a rule, this element is a part of a dry complex feed for parrots, but it is possible to diversify a diet of birds and to add to it a dried sea cabbage. At problems with digestion it is necessary to crush charcoal and to add it to the container with sand for birds.

6. Build a parrot a nest. Birds need it quietly to postpone testicles. It can be got in pet-shop or to make most. The nest has to be the optimum size in order that the female could begin to hatch out further eggs. At the time of a nasizhivaniye it is especially carefully necessary to watch food of parrots.

7. In a week remove not oosperms. It is easy to recognize them by a yellow-white shade of a shell. Opaque oosperms, slightly grayish. When baby birds hatch, care of them is undertaken by both parents. During this period it is impossible to touch posterity. There will pass about a month until chickabiddies leave nests and will begin to explore the dwelling.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team