How to make that the animal in the absence of owners received the necessary care

How to make that the animal in the absence of owners received the necessary care

What independent would not look your cat or a dog, they do not like to remain alone. At an animal strangenesses in behavior, trouble with a digestive tract can begin, many begin to spoil furniture, furnishings. If the owner needs to leave for some time, it is necessary to provide care for an animal for this time and to take care of that the pet did not miss.

1.      One of options – for the period of absence of owners to define an animal in boarding house. There, as a rule, good experts work that is especially important if your dog or a cat undergoes treatment. If the trip is planned for festive dates, in boarding house it is worth thinking of the place in advance. When choosing such way it is necessary to be as it is possible more attentively – high-quality leaving costs much, and too attractive prices of careful owners have to guard.

2.      "Temporary family". If your pet badly transfers lack of homeliness, find for it family where animals are taken on overexposure. Behind such families the control is often exercised from any of associations whose activity is care of animals. Often "temporary families" where take animals on overexposure, live in private houses. There it will be possible to bring a cat's lodge or dog toys together with an animal of a thing which will remind of the house – for example. Members of temporary family undertake to provide to the ward care and care.

3.      Hiring of the coming nurse allows not to change a situation habitual to an animal. Such approach has essential minus – you should entrust keys from housing to the stranger. If among your acquaintances there is no reliable person to whom you trust and who could visit an animal every day, it is possible to address to the specialized organizations. They not only select nurses, but also exercise behind them strict control.

4.      Exchange of duties. Everything is simple: you find the person who as well as you, needs from time to time that cared for his pet for absence of the owner. You will be able to agree, for example, about bringing to it the cat or a dog, and also your partner will bring to you the animal for a while which plans to be absent. Such decision is quite economic, it is necessary to pay only for a forage.

5.      At last, the way checked by time is to invite for the help of the neighbor, the relative or the friend. Things are easy – to find the person who will agree to visit daily your housing, to set to an animal of sterns according to its habitual diet and to change a cat's tray or to bring a dog to the street.

At departure and an assignment to someone to look after your animal do not forget to leave the coordinates to the organization or the person to whom you trust the pet. They have to have an opportunity to contact you in case it is required to report about a condition of an animal.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team