How to make the house to a rabbit

How to make the house to a rabbit

Rabbits are the fluffy amusing small animals bringing joy, rest and a cosiness to the house. That also to a rabbit it was warm and comfortable in your city apartment, build for him the nice dwelling of improvised materials. For this purpose any special knowledge of rabbit breeding will not be required.

It is required to you

  • boards or chipboard (without impregnation), grids, laths, the hammer, a saw, nails, screws, accessories, a bowl, a drinking bowl, shavings or straw, bar from a fruit tree.


1. Take paper and a pencil and outline the approximate drawing of a lodge, specify its sizes, according to animal dimensions.

2. Make preparations of wooden sheets for lodge sidewalls. Even if you are a proud owner of the pet of the impressive sizes, squares for walls will be no more than 1×1 m. Make preparations for a back wall and a roof. A back wall there have to be not less than 1 m in length too, and in height is 10-15 cm less than side. It needs to be made later to put a pallet under a net floor. The lodge will stand on levels legs.

3. If you want to equip separate nested compartment for a rabbit, your construction will be approximately twice more, respectively and materials for walls and a roof prepare taking into account it. The roof can be made net or with one door, but it is better – wooden of two shutters on hinges which will open as a sliding wardrobe.

4. Collect from wooden levels a frame for a lodge. Record a grid which will serve as a floor on a frame. For this purpose turn a design and on all lower perimeter of a frame fix a grid by laths. You can leave the place for nested office as which floor will serve the board. Attach a back wall. Attach sidewalls. Beat the top level to sidewalls: on it the roof door or additional levels for a compartment cover will be recorded subsequently.

5. If you build a lodge with nested office, divide a construction in half and strengthen a strong board with already cut through door and a board for a floor.

6. Attach the front panel of a lodge to walls. The front panel can be made completely net in both compartments or to separate the nested room, and to pull a grid only in an active zone. Make of laths and a grid a door on the front panel in an active zone or the door conducting from nested office.

7. Make a roof of wooden boards. Fix it on longitudinal levels and walls of a lodge. Check how the roof opens.

8. Put a pallet under the lower grid, and cover a floor with straw or shaving a layer in 2 cm. Put a bowl in a lodge and attach a special drinking bowl for pets. Put wood bar in order that the rabbit could sharpen teeth in a lodge.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team