How to measure a dog

How to measure a dog

You can be necessary to measure the dog to buy or sew her clothes. To choose a stove bench or carrying to buy a convenient breast-band. In many respects all these measurements will resemble, but each of them will have the nuances.

It is required to you

  • Roulette
  • Paper and pencil


1. How to measure a dog to sew or buy her clothes. To receive exact measurements, the dog has to stand. If you have a restless puppy or very nervous doggie, ask somebody to help you. By means of a roulette measure distance from withers to the tail basis. It is better to be mistaken upwards, than to underestimate length of a body of your pet. Measure the chest of your dog. You have to find the most volume part of a thorax of your canine friend, it is the most convenient to measure it through couple of centimeters towards a tail from front legs. For a mouth measure a neck circle where usually the dog wears a collar and length of a neck from withers to a skull base. Measure the volume of "waist" of a dog. Dogs it will have a trunk grasp, without reaching a little genital bodies. At a bough it is necessary to look at a doggie sideways. If you want to sew, connect or buy a dog a poponka with long "sleeves", measure length of legs of a dog from an armpit to pyasta bones. Do not forget to measure hind legs of a dog in the widest part of a hip.

2. How to measure a dog to buy her a breast-band. The most important figure when choosing a breast-band is a bust measurement of a dog. It is measured from a point for a front-legged dog, through a back, through a point behind the second forepaw of a dog, under a stomach and again to that point from where you began measurements. Measure a neck of a dog, but not as for a collar, and from withers and having passed through the topmost points of chest bones of a dog. Measure distance from withers to that point where you measured a breast grasp on a back. When choosing a breast-band you remember that it should not sit on a dog very densely. You have to manage to push two fingers between a dog and a breast-band.

3. How to measure a dog to buy her a stove bench. As on the mattress the dog will be, generally to sleep, and it is necessary to measure the sleeping dog. At the same time look narrowly, how exactly your dog likes to settle more conveniently to take a nap. Some dogs prefer to curl up, and for them the oval basket with sides will be more comfortable. Others like to be extended in all growth on one side, so that paws stuck out also to them, certainly, the matrasik-stove bench will approach more. Measure your dog on its maximum length. This distance from a nose to the tail basis. A doggie which likes to sleep, having been curtailed a ball, measure upright from front legs to a croup.

4. How to measure a dog to buy her convenient carrying. Measure a dog from withers to the tail basis to learn what length it needs carrying. For dogs of small and average breeds add to measurements 5 centimeters, and for large – 15 centimeters. Measure distance from the highest point on a shoulder of your dog to a floor to find out cage carrying height. Add 7.5 centimeters for doggies of small and medium breeds and 15 centimeters for dogs of large breeds.

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