How to measure temperature to a cat

How to measure temperature to a cat

At cats, as well as at people, many diseases are followed by temperature increase of a body. And at the address to the veterinarian behind consultation the question of, whether temperature, normal at an animal, often sounds. But how to measure temperature to a cat?


1. To measure temperature to a cat, it is possible to use the special veterinary thermometer, and it is possible also usual, "human". Both the mercury, and electronic thermometer will approach. But in the presence of the choice it is better to use electronic – they work quicker, and the less time will be required on measurement of temperature, the your favourite will be nervous less. The tip of the thermometer needs to be greased with vaseline or cream.

2. Lay a cat on knees or put her on a table and try that it stood quietly. If the cat is nervous and escapes – it is possible to wrap up her in a sheet or a towel, having left a back part of a trunk free.

3. Raise a tail and very carefully enter the thermometer into a rectal opening (on depth of three-four centimeters). It is necessary to do it smoothly, the easy twisting movements not to cause to a cat of pain.

4. If you use the mercury thermometer, it is necessary to take temperature to a cat within five minutes if electronic – to a thermometer signal. Normal temperature at cats temperature in the range from 38.5 to 39 degrees Celsius is considered. However, at little cats who before measurement of temperature were nervous or ran much temperature can be a little increased (to 39.5 degrees). At cats of nonhairy breeds the normal body temperature can be even higher – to 43-46 degrees.

5. After the end of measurement of temperature take the thermometer and carefully wash it with soap. It is also possible to disinfect it, having wiped with alcohol or cologne.

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