How to muzzle

How to muzzle

The muzzle will serve as a humane and effective remedy for control of reactions of a dog when training in her quiet behavior. Wide range of forms and the sizes will allow to choose a muzzle for a dog of any breed.

It is required to you

  • - clicker;
  • - muzzle;
  • - delicacy


1. In most cases the dog is recommended to put on a mesh muzzle. It is considered safer, unlike nylon as allows an animal to breathe freely, with the tongue hanging out. Before starting training of a dog in wearing a muzzle, define what delicacies especially are pleasant to her. Not superfluous will be on matter to get advice at the veterinarian. The soft not crumbling pieces are the most suitable. The dog who has no need to pinch from a floor of a crumb or to chew firm pieces, will study much quicker. Serve delicacy not from fingers, and on a palm that the animal did not injure a hand.

2. Get in pet-shop a clicker – a plastic charm with a metal uvula which makes the clicking sound when pressing. The unique sound of a clicker will serve as a signal that she made the required action for a dog. At first teach a dog to hear click every time when she receives delicacy. When the animal understands that the signal is always followed by delicacy, it is possible to use it for a mark of those moments when any good operation is performed.

3. Tie the pet on a lead, and other its end - to a leg of a chair or the leg. Take a clicker, squeeze delicacy in a palm. Wait when the dog stops trying to receive a treat from your hand and, having clicked once, open a palm. Then take other piece and continue to go about the own business, for example, to read the book, ignoring a canine friend.

4. Later minutes five, click again and offer delicacy. Repeat the sequence of click with delicacy each five minutes that the dog knew for sure when the new signal is distributed. As a result the dog will begin to turn to you on click waiting for delicacy. The click of a clicker can be replaced with some word pronounced with special intonation.

5. At acquaintance of a dog to a muzzle you hold it in one hand, and delicacy and a clicker – in another. At the same time the pet has to sit or stand opposite to you. Stretch a muzzle and allow a dog to smell it. When she makes it, publish click and offer a treat.

6. Then move up a muzzle to yourself. If the animal does not wish to smell it, rub with a delicacy piece. 30–60 seconds later bring a muzzle to a nose of a dog again and after she sniffs at it, click a clicker and give delicacy. Repeat these actions until the dog begins the nose to bring surely to a muzzle.

7. Teach the favourite to thrust a nose into a muzzle. Stretch it to the dog, wait until she approaches it and will touch with a nose. After click treat her with delicacy. Repeat about ten times until the dog begins to touch a muzzle by a nose readily. Next time at contact of a muzzle with a nose she should not hear click, but you continue to hold a muzzle. When the dog pushes it with a nose, publish click with the subsequent encouragement. So repeat five times.

8. Now at contact of a dog of a muzzle turn it so that the nose of an animal partially appeared inside. When it comes true, publish a signal and encourage. As soon as the dog learns to place the nose in a muzzle completely, accustom him to hold a muzzle there. Publish click by a clicker, maintaining time more and more with each approach, having finished to ten seconds.

9. In the next trainings publish click at retardation of a thong behind ears of a dog, then when fastening. After fastening of belts immediately publish click, unhook thongs and allow a dog to take out a muzzle for receiving delicacy. Accustoming a dog to wearing a muzzle for an appreciable length of time, accustom her to take delicacy from side openings in a muzzle. Play with the favourite more and you walk him, it will allow to distract from a muzzle and quickly to get used to it.

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