How to occupy an aquarium

How to occupy an aquarium

Acquisition of an aquarium and settling by its water inhabitants – a serious step. This subject of an interior demands very trembling leaving. And if you are ready to devote the time to care for aquarium fishes, previously learn how to equip and occupy an aquarium.


1. Solve for yourself what small fishes you would like to part. The fact is that the volume of your aquarium depends on quantity and the sizes of fishes.

2. From that, how truly you will pick up fishes for an aquarium, their further life depends. The fact is that some fishes do not take out the neighbourhood with each other therefore selecting "inhabitants" for the aquarium, surely consult the experienced aquarian.

3. If you the unexperienced aquarian, then is better not to begin cultivation of fishes with exotic breeds as such fishes demand, as a rule, special conditions of keeping. Therefore you get for a start better such small fishes who do not demand thorough leaving, for example, get sword-bearers, the guppy, petsiliya and similar to these fishes.

4. When settling an aquarium you can use not only small fishes, but also snails and also aquarian frogs. By the way, both frogs, and snails not bad get on with small fishes.

5. Select small fishes for an aquarium so that the volume of an aquarium corresponded to its population. For example, if the volume of your aquarium is 10 liters, then such aquarium is suitable for keeping of three small fishes as the norm of water, standard among aquarians, on one average sizes a small fish – three liters of water. Some small fishes live only packs therefore consider this factor when settling an aquarium. And all favourite goldfishes, for example, love a scope therefore the aquarium for them has to be the biggest.

6. Occupy an aquarium exclusively young small fishes, full and healthy. Buying small fishes in pet-shop, surely examine them whether note everything as it should be at them with a color, whether there are no damages on a body.

7. Try to make the aquarium not only populated, but also esthetically beautiful. For this purpose surely plant in soil of an alga of different types and also get the various grottoes and locks executed from ceramics. Som which to watch special pleasure remarkably huddle in such artificially created shelters. Pay to the aquarium at most of attention when settling, and it will please you with the beauty many years, of course, on condition of the correct contents.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team