How to open salon for animals

How to open salon for animals

The number of owners of pets constantly grows, and dogs and cats remain leaders among pets still. Most of thoroughbred pets requires professional care for wool and other services, the animal allowing to give beautiful appearance. Help owners – open good salon for their favourites.

It is required to you

  • - status of SP;
  • - room;
  • - professional equipment and cosmetics;
  • - personnel;
  • - sign, stender and advertizing materials.


1. Decide what services you will provide. Usually the salon for animals serves dogs and cats who will participate in exhibitions and also carries out necessary procedures for the pets who are not coming to rings. To them cut claws, clean ears, do trimming and laying. You can expand the list of procedures, having offered massage, decorative manicure, coloring of wool and other interesting services.

2. Very important component of successful business – good location of salon. Open the enterprise near veterinary clinic or pet-shop, known in the district. You can agree about co-branding and save on advertizing. It is desirable that transport stop and also a convenient entrance for cars was near.

3. For small salon enough room of 50-100 sq.m. in size. Make repair and equip one-two workplaces for masters. The equipment – essential item of expenditure. You need a bathtub, a table for washing, a table for a grooming, the professional hair dryer, machines for trimming with replaceable knives, sets of scissors, hairbrushes, brushes, trimmingovochny knives and nippers. Buy professional shampoos, balms, conditioners, paints and sprays for wool, creams for small pillows of paws and other necessary cosmetics.

4. Be engaged in search of employees. To be necessary for reception of visitors the administrator. Master groomers can work by appointment or to schedule. Surely check existence of the certificate certifying that the groomer underwent vocational education and has the corresponding qualification. It is quite good if masters have experience of participation in exhibitions and competitions – it can attract additional clients.

5. Think of expansion of the range of services. You can sell professional cosmetics for cats and dogs, to take on staff of the veterinarian for primary survey of animals. Near salon it is possible to open own pet-shop with the range of forages and related products. Also the clothes for animals can make quite good profit and also beautiful accessories are hairpins, leads, breast-bands and collars, bags carryings of different models. Rely on glamourous and original bagatelles which do not sell in usual shops.

6. Pay attention to advance and advertizing of salon. Order the colourful sign, establish on the sidewalk stender. Create own website on which you will post information on fashionable hairstyles and other trends in the field of animal beauty. Become the partner of exhibitions of cats and dogs, pay attention to possibilities of barter advertizing. Your task is to report about itself as it is possible for the bigger number of people. If you manage it, it will be possible to think of expansion of business and opening of the second salon.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team